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  • ‘When it’s cold outside, am I hear in vain?’ The first of IGDA Sydney’s new events coined: “Bits & Pieces” took place on a chilly 9th of August 2011 at The Arthouse Hotel’s attic bar to the crowd of approximately 100 local game developers, if…

  • In BittersBBB Episode 002, we look at Bioware’s Mass Effect 2 to discover how Core game Elements are Introduced at the outset of the game.

    BittersBBB is my somewhat new project where I aim to analyse/deconstruct a game along the lines of a…

  • Moving Target Games – March

    Deadlines, demos and development.

    Moving Target Games Team

    Andrew Bittman – Project Manager / Designer
    Matthew Tuxworth – Game Programmer
    Craig Peebles – Audio Programmer

  • Moving Target Games – February

    I think this is our first report since August, and yes, I plan to do these monthly, at least, this time. Probably more when we get the full website up, but moving on to the report:

    Moving Target Team…