IronMonkey Studios brings Sims 3 to iPhone


As gamesites review and provide their impressions of the newly released Sims 3 for the iPhone, you'd be hard pressed to find anything about the local game developer who made the extraordinary accomplishment of cramming such a large scaled game onto a mobile platform, complete with intuitive touch controls. You could even be forgiven for believing that it was all done by EA mobile too. A quote at from an EA producer gives a rather misleading impression on who exactly developed this title...

"While most iPhone games are built by tiny teams in a few months, EA has had its team working on the title since November, 2007. That's an eternity for an iPhone game.

"It's a huge initiative with our best team inside EA Mobile," said Justin Taber, the game's producer."

Best team at EA Mobile, indeed. The truth, however, is that local Melbourne studio, IronMonkey Studios, did the deed.

IronMonkey is a studio that has been on the rise over the last few years. Since taking out the Best Unsigned Game award at Game Connect 2006 for "Darkenlight", they've gone on to develop incrediblly rich and full featured titles such as Medal of Honor Airborne, Need for Speed Pro Street, and The Sims 2 Pets for the mobile platform, and now have Sims 3 in their repertoire.

Their accomplishments haven't escaped the attention of other local developers, with CEO of Firemint, Robert Murray, lauding them with a lot of praise for their world class efforts during a discussion I had with him at Game Connect. It's fantastic to have one leading mobile game developer in Australia, but it's particularly special that we have two of them and in such a close vicinity of each other, that is Firemint and IronMonkey Studios.

Be sure to check out Sims 3 at the appstore, and take a peek of it below here!


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