tsumea pixel town Minecraft server


Does anyone remember Sumea Pixel Town? If not, click here and have a look...

Sumea Pixel Town was a fun little activity that we did way back in 2004 where Sumea regulars nominated their piece of land and began working on some cool pixel art for their plot. In the end, we had a fantastic mural of awesome and very creative pixel art. A worthy thing to note is that plot 49 (the Blues building) was drawn by the late Simon Castles from Castle Music Productions who did a whole lot of audio and music work for Sidhe way back when. It was a long time ago, but I do remember that the Sumea Pixel Town page was quite a popular one. It was highly visited and linked from a whole number of websites including the ABC website under their cultural link page.

I've been meaning to get some other community activities like Sumea Pixel Town happening again as I know you're all an insanely creative bunch, and I've had many activity ideas for us to do something interesting, but those ideas pale in comparison to what communities can do with that indie games phenomenon, Minecraft.

Minecraft really is pixel art in 3D if you think about it creatively, and what better way to get awesome community action happening than setting up a Minecraft server for tsumean's? We have a multiplayer survival mode Minecraft server running now with a capacity of 24 players online. There are some *slight* latency issues since the server is in the U.S, but it's nothing unbearable.

If you have Minecraft and you're bored of playing it all alone (which I definitely am!), why not have some with like-minded local tsumean's? Log in to tsumea and send me a private message with your Minecraft username and I will pass on the server details if you pass the specs. There is one proviso - you must be a tsumea member for at least 3 months, or you can point to an active twitter account or some other identifying information so I know you're a random anonymous that's just going to jump in and grief everyone's work. If you're a tsumea regular or a local developer that I know of, then that should be more than enough. There are some incredibly mountain arches near the spawn point, so declare your spots now!


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Interested, though want to finish the current project crunch as soon as posible. Good idea, but doesn't feel like there are as many people left now... but who knows, some publicity like this may help.

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Personally, I'm pretty tired of playing Survivor mode on my own now. I've got all the minerals and items I need, and I've built a few snazzy things, but I've run out of steam on things to do. I think playing on a private server with others is the next step to push the interest and longevity of Minecraft a bit further.

In anycase, you don't need to be on it all the time building the next Starship Enterprise.. build what you can whenever you can, even if it means putting a few timber blocks together and a sign outside that says "David's place" ;) And that goes for anyone interested in trying it out - give it a shot!

I've been a bit slack on my little area since the server went up last week, but I'll be playing on the server rather than my own Survival mode map from now on.

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Just a note that we're waiting on Bukkit to update their Minecraft server managing software (CraftBukkit) to 1.5 so that Minecraft v1.5 clients can connect. If you have the latest v1.5 client from the big update yesterday, you won't be able to connect for the time being.

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I really dig this sort of compact town idea and I reckon we should do one of these in our map..


I'll be making the base for it so everyone can, in their own time, build something on it.