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Meteor picks up BigWorld Tech


Gamasutra has the news that another developer has picked up a license for the BigWorld Technology Suite. Meteor Games, an independent games developer founded by Neopets (which seems to be some online web based pokemon-like game / community) founders, are the latest to license the BigWorld Technology. From Gamasutra...

Meteor Games CEO and creative director Adam Powell: "BigWorld's technology provides us with an extremely powerful and highly flexible game engine, which can be tailored to the specific needs of our upcoming MMO. More importantly, BigWorld's game engine allows us to focus on game design, gameplay innovation and overall creativity rather than core technology development, thus ensuring our new MMO delivers an experience unlike any other."

BigWorld have also recently issued a press release on the their technology suite making it to version 1.9. Simon Hayes, BigWorld's Chief Technology Officer, describes some of the enhancements...

"We have incorporated a number of optimizations to the development suite including revisions to patrol paths, enhanced web integration and support for Perforce, SVN and CVS. Additionally, there are significant improvements to the skybox and weather systems and there is improved support for partner technologies such as SpeedTree and Umbra. Both Mandarin and English language are supported in the development tools user interface and art pipeline".