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Animator opening at EA Australia


Location: Australia - Melbourne
Role: Art
Specialty: Character Animator


EA was founded 26 years ago by individuals with a deep passion for making games. Many things have changed over the years as the gaming industry—and the company—has expanded immensely, but we are still driven by the same passion for developing, publishing, and distributing the world’s best games. Our history has been one of great success, and our future looks even brighter. Gaming has come a long way from Pac-Man & Space Invaders to modern EA Favourites like Burnout, Battlefield, Mercenaries, Dead Space, Spore, FIFA, Madden, Need for Speed and the world’s most successful game franchise, The Sims. Fuelled by our talented staff at locations right across the Globe we are united in our passion to continue shaping the future of interactive entertainment. Together we can make a difference.

Creating visually stunning, immersive games is an art that takes a tremendous amount of skill and talent. EA artists are responsible for creating the visual elements of a game, such as characters, scenery, objects, vehicles, surface textures, clothing, and even user interface components. Other Artists bring the game to life with Animation, Lighting and Visual effects and draw the gamer into an immersive experience where they can suspend disbelief and emotionally connect with the game and enjoy the ride. Some games go for a look that’s as realistic as possible, while others aim for a more stylized or fantastical look. In the end, the look of a game is one of the most significant factors contributing to the overall success of the game.

Role Overview

The key responsibility will include building exciting animation for a wide variety of characters, whilst working within the constraints of engine, design and schedule.

EA Animators use specialised software packages, including Maya and Max, to create the animations for both in-game behavior as well as predefined sequences (or cut scenes). Animators need a strong understanding of classic animation principles such as staging, squash and stretch, timing, anticipation, follow through, exaggeration, arcs, etc., as well as an intrinsic ability for storytelling.

What skills does EA look for?

• Excellent character animation skills
• Experience editing and working with motion capture
• Demo reel demonstrating, strong animation ability and good aesthetic eye
• Two or more years experience working in the games industry, on shipped titles
• Maya expertise preferred
• Knowledge of proprietary tools while working within a complex asset development pipeline
• Self-managing -- organised and uses time well. Ability to independently identify and meets goals
• The ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with a variety of project members
• A strong team player