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Is this what Visceral Games Melbourne were working on before closing?

A post made last month on the forums of Neogaf show some screenshots which are allegedly from the cancelled game that Visceral Games in Melbourne were working on before shuttering. The poster describes the untitled game as "an online multiplayer shooter" while further claiming that the game wouldn't have made the necessary impact it needed if it were released for the current generation of consoles. From Neogaf...

Console cycle a big factor in bringing Triple-A development back to Australia says analyst

In a SmartCompany article relating to the string of recent big game studio closures in Australia, IBISWorld senior analyst Craig Shulman has put it down mostly due to an industry shift with the rise of casual and mobile gaming. Shulman says that the closure of Visceral Melbourne isn't a sign that EA was easing up on triple-A games development, but the high Australian dollar made locally developed projects a high risk investment for game publishers.

Visceral Games Melbourne studio closing up

We're hearing numerous reports via Twitter and other sources that Visceral Games in Melbourne are closing down. First noted via Screenplay's tweet, and followed up via further Twitter correspondences from @IGDAMelbourne...


Visceral Games Melbourne studio has closed its doors according to a Screen Play poster. #morebadnewsforozgamesindustry