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Tantalus Expands, Opens Brisbane Studio


Melbourne-based video game developer Tantalus today announced the establishment of a new development studio in Brisbane, Australia. Founded in 1994, Tantalus has shipped in excess of thirty titles across most major platforms. Recent successes include Cars: Mater National, Pony Friends, and the just-released Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon, on DS.

With 70 developers presently at work in the Melbourne studio on Wii, DS and PSP, CEO Tom Crago said the choice was either to continue growing that operation, or set up a new studio to work in parallel. "I like the idea of capping our Melbourne base at around 80 developers," said Crago. "We're on track to grow to that level by next year, and in Brisbane we'll endeavor to replicate the model that's been so successful for us down here. In the first instance, the Brisbane studio will work on a DS title, expanding to two teams by the end of next year."

The Brisbane expansion has been overseen by Tantalus COO David Giles. "We'll be opening our doors in December," said Giles. "With the help of the Queensland Government we've found a terrific location in Kelvin Grove, and feel that the talent pool up there will enable us very quickly to assemble a world class group of developers. In fact, we've already made several key hires."

The announcement of the new Tantalus Brisbane studio coincides with commencement of the annual Australian game developers conference, GCAP, which runs in Brisbane from 19-22 November (