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Blade Kitten is coming to the Playstation Network very soon now

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 03/03/10 - 8:02 PM Permalink

Yes, the Krome bus wheels do go round and round, and actually they are round if a little wonky. However, it is a bus for people with "special" needs. When this title is released, I'm sure the average metacritic score well make that all too obvious.

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I'll tell you this...

It's a great place if you're in it and don't give a shit about anything. The moment you start having passion for your work, taking pride in what the company produces and truly caring about Krome and it's staff as an entity, that's when you've made your mistake because there will be nothing you can do to change anything. Krome doesn't reward the innovators, it rewards the soldiers. I could feed you a bunch of shit like "You want to be fearless and talk to the CEO or the Creative Director in the hall? Do it, they won't mind. Don't be a pussy, just say Hi. Let them learn your name. It isn't about sneaking into their inner circle. It's about being noticed by name when you do something awesome." But the sad reality is that at the end of the day, business is business, there's nothing you can do about it.

A lot of people were let go because of numerous reasons, not one person bar the one made redundant can tell you what they think were the reasons, but at the end of the day, business is business. Sure you can point fingers at this game and blame it's creator and his handlers for the runaway money train it became, there's probably good merit in the accusation that it's creation is in some way responsible for the job losses.

But in the end, aren't ya just pissed your not still in the club?

BK is not my cup of tea. It's not even my scotch on ice. It certainly is not a game I will be rushing out to buy day one or day one thousand. Cat girls are furry fucking rubbish and the entire concept reads like the back page of some kids maths book. But like so many in Krome have said about all their games, "it's not for you." I could review this game, give it shit, give it constructive shit to build a shit cathedral out of, but at the end of the day, this game just isn't for me.

I suppose this is where a lot of people from Krome develop this idea about reviewers (inparticular the ones at IGN) opinions. To be fair though, read those reviews and you will see some rather funny stuff. Just take a look at the IGN review for Clone Wars Lightsaber Duels and you'll see the classic line, "the game makes an obvious and ill gotten attempt to extend gameplay by adding a second round." Yeah, a fighting game that has a second round. What a shocking concept.

Regardless, when it comes to Krome, as much as it hurt when it happened, the culture there that I started my career in all those years ago just isn't there any more. People talk of a boys club that used to really exist, but a lot of those boys have moved on. Some work in JB Hi-Fi's, others in Coffee Shops, some are back at school, others are just freelancing. All of them maybe bitter about what went down, or maybe they're indifferent or totally over the moon, I don't know, I can't speak for them. But when it comes to Krome, a company I still have many shirts from, you've really got to stop and wonder if you'd even want to be there.

Overseas companies aren't the only ones who hire internationally. Ever since Krome went freaking crazy hiring overseas talent (and I do mean talent, they've got some exceptional people there now), a lot of the "old guard" has just been falling further and further behind. The eventual "final solution" was inevitable. I can say this, because I saw it and was apart of it. I snoozed, I loozed.

In any case, I've rattled on long enough so my final point is this...

Krome used to be a company I wanted to be a part of, now it's not. And it's not because of bitterness due to how they handled the redundancies or any ill-conceived and completely naive notions of what the management does or how HR are a bunch of lying, cheating, manipulative fuck ups (you'll get that from any HR department in the world), it's simply because the environment that they harbor there now, is one set for Mercenaries. It's the way a lot of companies around the world work now and it just took a while for the several near hundreds of international Kromans to start re-engineering Krome's old ways.

From a personal standpoint, this is a shitfest I want nothing to do with. But from a business standpoint, it's just smart business.

"Australia is lagging behind the rest of the world? What's the rest of the world doing that we're not? They're getting good talent that's fresh with 10 years more experience than the guys I've got now? Awesome, hire them immediately! What? I don't know, make them QA or something and we'll let them go at the end of the project."

Sure it's shitty from a personal standpoint, but it's just smart business.

I wish BK good luck and I congratulate the guys and girls of Krome for managing to have come as far as they have on it so far. Here's hoping that it actually makes you enough money to get an IP off the ground I'd actually be interested in.

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No, I don't think it's troll bait -- unless you think it's a troll wont be able to resist -- but I do think that the poster hasn't got a clue when it comes to "smart business." What he/she describes as that, in my opinion, is actually really bad business. Mercenaries, have no loyalties; they're only there to do so much as to get a paycheck from you. Soon as the project fails, they'll bail. You can only go so far in buying their loyalty, and, they're less likely to tell you when the ship is on course to sink -- hey, the less work they have to do for as long as possible, even if the project is bound to sink, the better ;).

Personally, that's the last post this thread gets from me. I've seen the vids, read the preview; when an actual review/s comes out, then it might spark my interest enough for me to post a comment.

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LOL Krome has fallen so far in the past 10 years. Have to wonder about the amount of pride their employees have at this point in time to still be working there. I can say that our entire studio was laughing when the trailer was sent around. It was a case of 'what the hell were they thinking'? These posts from employees pretty much tell the story. Good on them for speaking out though.

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Blade kitten is the greatest game ever to come out of Krome, so good that they are going to let more people go.

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Do you have a source for this information?

I ran into a drunk melb. Kroman on the weekend. Even in his state he was able to divulge intimate details of what goes on there, letting more people go wasn't something he mentioned.

He did talk about how pathetic the design team is though. The cause of all their issues it appears.

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Bad Designers are part of krome's woes, yes, but absolutelty terrible management is by far the biggest issue. One they are stubborn about not changing which is why that place is destined to shed more staff and go back to being a small developer, or worse. As a long time employee there, the morale right now is the lowest it has ever been. Most of that is caused from a total loss of faith in the bosses and executives. A lot of employees are preparing their portfolios to quit anyway. Not many actually want to be there it seems. It really is like beating your head against a brickwall.

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The artists have always been Krome's strong point. Design, management and engine teams are absolutely terrible. No talent, a lot of smoke blown up arses, yes-men, and no accountability. Saying "You're wonderful and so am I" doesn't make it true.

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Oh dear. This thread is certainly a trainwreck. Heh. Anonymity is a good thing and gives a voice - regardless of how retarded it may be - to those that typically would not have one due to the repercussions of speaking out.

The new trailer is a lot better than the last, seems to have improved a bunch.

As for the Australian industry: It has suffered from terrible management practices for quite some time. Petty bickering and infighting, arrogance and a distinct lack of managerial talent. Or the desire of those higher up to improve their lacking skills. Doesn't seem like the new generation of developers will solve this problem, but then, their mentors were terrible.

I do believe in a fair go on most issues, but many companies have dropped dead in Australia simply because of cause and effect. Natural selection if you will. There's no problem with that, the guys in the trenches will move on to better things.

But hey, don't get bitter about it.

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I am an avid gamer and supporter of Kromes products down the years. I also work in recruitment for the industry. I do however have some close friends who work at Krome. To my knowledge they have declined to post on this site, possibly due to professional integrity or guilty concious, and maybe out of respect for a handful of good people who still work there. The reason Im posting is that I know a fair bit of detail about what is going on there, and there seems to be alot of misinformation being thrown around with little substance beyond the general feelings of current employees. I recruit for alot of industries, and what really pissed me off about what I have been told is how the company has shot itself in the foot with the direction of its recruiting and how they handled the redundancies last year.

Firstly, That NDA post, a few pages back,is likely to be real. It’s a regular occurrence to be gagged if you work at Krome. Secondly, for those venting on here who were made redudant you should know that there are a lot of guys there who are stilled annoyed (quitely) with management over what happened last year. Not so much the redundancy, because that was expected. But it was more about the people who were chosen. They were locals, talented, loyal and hard working guys who didn’t deserve to go at the expense of some who stayed there. Some stayed there out of association, family, friends in high places kind of thing. Some who went weren’t well liked by their team leaders because they had the balls to question there leadership ability or attitude, so they got fingered.

Apparently they lost the contract to Force Unleashed 2 because of crap review scores on other titles (among other things), but instead of holding an inquest into the leadership teams behind these titles, they released guys who were only following what their team leaders wanted anyway. So upper management and team leaders made scapegoats out of these guys to cover their own asses and will never be held accountable. Its much easier to do this than change your own attitude.

Sadly, because they are having so many issues picking up new projects and publishers, they have had to resort to government funded prototypes and hand outs. Part of this package requires them to hire foreign workers. They get paid for having internationals on the books working on these prototypes. It didn’t go unnoticed that all the guys let go at his studio in Melbourne were Australian citizens. So you have the company boasting proudly about being Australian, but the first people to go in times of trouble are the talented local developers who need the most support. Some of these guys worked for years to get a foot in the door. They wonder why there is a backlash within and outside the company?

I was also told that Steve has next to nothing to do with the other studios outside of Brisbane and seems completely out of the loop. There’s some American guy running the show at the other studios and a lot of people are basically untouchable by being in his pocket. As for BK, some hate it because so many other projects and ideas have been rejected in Melbourne in favour of this pet project.

Frankly, the people I know within the company are fed up. Krome has lost what made it great in the first place, local ideas, local talent, local loyalty, local passion. A large portion of the company is now made up of foreigners, from upper management downward, who were supposed to usher in the new era of development for the company. Instead its destroying it. Their ideas and attitudes dont fit for a company like this, in this country. There’s a quite belief that anyone caught questioning the leadership teams again will have their head on the block next time around. So everyone plays the social game, milk the place of funds for as long as possible, no questions are asked and the team leaders are untouchable. Which also means nothing gets fixed. Alot of current employees know that if they had other options locally, they would take them without hesitation.

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@avidgamer- talking out of your ass there, dude. Though If I were a recruiter trying to poach from Krome, that's how I'd do it. FUD for everyone

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As an outsider who has nothing against krome, and only wishes to see it excel like the rest of the industry here (we depend on each other), I find your comment suspicious.

I have worked for a number of companies in my career (none of them krome), and the fact that you seem to think that a post on this forum would have one iota of an influence in an employees decision to stay or leave is baffling.

If an employee is 'poached' from krome, then it will be due to the perception they have made themselves. They are there every day. Not only do they see first hand what goes on around them, they are also a part of it. Posts like the above are for people who have no insight into what goes on.

Personally, I know of three people who have worked for Krome, and all of them have negative opinions of the place. If an employee is 'poached' (WTF does that mean? The use of that term doesn't send the right message at all), then you can rest assured its because they don't like what they see around them. Not because they read and believe a post telling them what its like by an anonymous post on a forum.

But overall, I sincerely wish krome luck in the following period, only negative things will come to us all if they succumb to the downturn.

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Considering one of the non Aus owned companies has got a big AAA title and is actively headhunting staff from other companies I can understand the other anons suspicions.

while I'm at it, 3 people is less that 1% off the staff - hardly a majority

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You think anon knows the only 3 people at Krome who think poorly of the place? Imagine the odds... I know several people there (likely not the same three) who have nothing positive to say about the place. In fact I hear there are a lot of portfolios being put together right about now....

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coz the Krome site has a job up for a DESIGN DIRECTOR. What is the difference between that role and a Creative Director which is what SteveS is right?
Is Steve leaving or is there more truth to this post in that they need someone to help oversee all of the work for hire work and possibly address the design woes everyone keeps posting about?

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It seems that originally there were three.

Robert Walsh - Business
Steve Stamatiadis - Art
John Passfield - Design

Together it was a great balance, then after John left Steve took over his responsibilities as well. Seems like Steve is simply stretched too thin trying to cover both overall art and design direction for the company, and design is the area that suffers.

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I'll concede that the back catalogue of a developer may suggest strongly where future titles end up on the quality scale, and hence might support a pessimistic or optomistic outlook.

But ultimately, the quality of a given title is determined only by the title itself when the final product is released and judged by reviewers and consumers alike. For that reason, I am usually willing to give any developer the benefit of the doubt.

In any case, my comment was in response to the implication that there were reviews of this title, but to my knowledge there are only previews.

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Unfortunately, krome suffers from a pretty acute case of SSDT - Same Shit Different Toilet. Thankfully, all your games weren't built on or from barbies beach vacation - can you imagine that?

I think most people would like nothing more than for them to excel but there must be some drastic change before this has any chance of occurring and sacking the wrong people isn't a good start.

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Last game Steve was involved in AFAIK was - Star Wars : The Force Unleashed on Wii. (Not a PC/XBOX/PS3 port either) IMHO one of the better games to ever come out of Australia, and one of the better games released on Wii.

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"IMHO one of the better games to ever come out of Australia, and one of the better games released on Wii."

.....?....... are you serious?

We're close to getting a new look at Krome Studio's Blade Kitten in the next few hours as a press release has been given out to media announcing a release time frame for the game adaptation of the comic by Krome's Creative Director, Steve Stamatiadis. A new trailer will make its first appearance on Game Trailers sometime today which we'll hopefully be able to embed here.

The previous trailer, released in August last year, was met with some blunt criticisms from visitors on tsumea and a call for some constructive criticism, so it's hoped that Krome Studios have made some vast improvements to the game within the last six months since we've last seen of it.

(Press release)

Based on the “Blade Kitten” comic book series by creator Steve Stamatiadis, Krome Studios is bringing bounty hunter Kit Ballard to digital life with the Blade Kitten downloadable video game. The action adventure game, developed by Krome Studios, is set for release on the PlayStation(R)Network from PlayStation(R)3 computer entertainment system in Spring 2010.

“Blade Kitten is a brain child of mine that originated as a comic series,” said Steve Stamatiadis, Krome co-founder and creative director, who also created the multi-million selling Ty the Tasmanian TigerTM series. “Bringing Kit’s anime-inspired universe to life is a milestone for us, and we’re excited to open her world up to gamers on the PlayStation Network.”

Blade Kitten invites players into the world of Hollow Wish, where they take on the role of Kit Ballard, one of the best bounty hunters in the business. With her pink hair and tail, Kit is part cat, part girl - and fully lethal. As one of the last of her species, Kit commands her unique “Darque Blade” hovering sword to defeat enemies. Also along for the ride is Skiffy, Kit’s laid-back sidekick who lends a hand in collecting items, solving puzzles, and when needed, serves as Kit’s protector.

Blade Kitten goes beyond most downloadable titles to deliver a strong narrative, with high-quality cinematics, and a colorful, frenetic visual style, that lends to the pick-up-and-play arcade action. Players will jump right in and easily begin exploring and fighting their way through 19 levels, including three exploration levels with Noot (a rideable alien mount).

Blade Kitten will be released as a two-part mini-series available exclusively via digital distribution on the PlayStation(R)Network from PlayStation(R)3 computer entertainment system.

The Blade Kitten trailer and gameplay will be revealed tonight, Thursday, February 18, exclusively on Game Trailers TV at 12:30 am ET/PT on Spike TV in the US, and shortly after the episode airs on in glorious High Definition.

For more information on Blade Kitten, please visit

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