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Gore reviews, the aftermath


Since Gore is one of the latest games with an Australian connection to go gold, I've been hunting for some reviews. This is a positve one from MyGamer..

"The audio in this game was hands down the best part."

And a reader review from Shacknews..

"This game is fantastic! I'm really tough to please, having played the best games ever made. This "sleeper" title should be considered for Most Under-rated Game of the Year."

GamersHell had this to say..

"It looks like a nextgen console game." and "bad sound, horrible AI and unimaginative gameplay"

ouch!.. Another harsh one from IGN..

"Isn't this Quake III: Arena? It sure looks like it, or more accurately, like a slightly underdeveloped mod for it. None of this game's extremely large maps exude the level of polish, balance, and meticulousness that went into the id deathmatcher, but everything is certainly Quake in appearance, almost like an early iteration of Urban Terror levels"

Videogamenews sums it up more nicely though..

Let's look at it this way. This is Dreamcatcher's first entry into the world of FPS titles. And Gore isn't a bad first try. For $30, it's comparable to its value. I think, through time and online player complaints, that the designers will patch the game to balance out the game. With the arsenal of weaponry, and the selection of maps, Gore can be fun to play.

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