Assistant Project Manager opening at Eyecon

Eyecon Pty. Ltd. has been in operation for over 13 years. As a well-established software and systems company, Eyecon offers a large number of services within the gambling industry to a strong customer base. With the nature of the industry and the wide range of services we offer, we have the opportunity to work within a large number of unique technological areas. This enables us to offer our staff interesting and challenging work, and gives them opportunities to build their portfolio of skills and experience.

Top 5 Reasons to Work for Eyecon

Gore II Not Happening Too Soon

Gore was a collaborated FPS effort by Eyecon, Slam Software, and 4D Rulers. (Whoops, I meant Eyecon was the one from Queensland, not 4D Rulers). Released in mid-2002, it was followed by an immediate panning by reviewers due to its weak single player experience (which was requested by the publisher and tacked on, whereas the multiplayer aspect was the developer's main focus).