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Tony Albrecht shares redundancy story on Kotaku


Tony Albrecht has contributed his story of redundancy to Kotaku in an article which contains a few life changing stories of game developers that have been let go of their job in this time of economic downturn. The ex-Rat Bag and ex-Pandemic senior programmer describes how he was well prepared for it this time round and how he was able to bounce right back up after losing his job at Pandemic...

When I was told this time, I fired off a couple of emails and updated my blog to let people know that I was available. I then spent the day talking to people on MSN, saying goodbye and good luck to friends and fielding emails about work. Unfortunately, since I do work remotely, I didn't have the pleasure of the traditional booze up at the local pub.

Luckily, Backup Plan A has worked. On the day I was made redundant, I received an email and a subsequent phone call setting the wheels in motion for a new job.

Tony considers himself lucky that senior programmers are still in strong demand in Australia, but sympathises with junior staff who will have a much more challenging time in finding new work.