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THQ auctioning off de Blob and Destroy All Humans! properties

Bankrupt games publisher, THQ, is currently in the process of selling off its remaining library of games properties and licenses which include some well known titles such as Darksiders, Homeworld, and Red Faction. have the complete list of the current THQ games up for auction and almost lost in all the games titles available for the fire sale are two notable franchises that were highly celebrated original games created and developed right here in Australia.

Pandemic Brisbane's final game, The Next Big Thing, revealed

AustralianGamer has the trailer for the canned Pandemic Brisbane game, The Next Big Thing. Pandemic Brisbane had two teams working on two equally big titles. One was the Batman movie licensed game which has since been greatly talked about, and the other was the previously unknown Wii title called The Next Big Thing.

Tony Albrecht shares redundancy story on Kotaku

Tony Albrecht has contributed his story of redundancy to Kotaku in an article which contains a few life changing stories of game developers that have been let go of their job in this time of economic downturn. The ex-Rat Bag and ex-Pandemic senior programmer describes how he was well prepared for it this time round and how he was able to bounce right back up after losing his job at Pandemic...

A glimpse at Pandemic's Dark Knight

I'm a bit late with this one but those crafty guys at Kotaku have been snooping on Pandemic staff and their personal blogs to suss out some Dark Knight media, and it looks like they have scored some success.

Michael Pryor, 3D environment artist at Pandemic Studios Brisbane, had some really great looking screen shots of what we can safely assume are from the Dark Knight game. It probably hasn't helped that Michael has pulled down those shots from his blog, but Kotaku saved some smaller versions of it and hosted it on their site. It looks absolutely outstanding.

Being prepared for redundancy

As we wait for some confirmation on the current state of Pandemic Studios Brisbane, ex-Pandemic programmer, Tony Albrecht has written about how the redundancy has affected him on a personal level. While he was much better prepared for it this time, Tony describes some of the difficulties and life changing realities that a redundancy in the current game industry climate brings.

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