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What footprint do Australian developers leave on the world?


PalGN has an intriguing article on the games made by local developers, asking the question "What does an Australian game look like?".

In light of the Australian film tax rebate, where film producers are given a generous rebate if the movie has some cultural relevance, PalGN sets out to identify the characteristics that makes our games uniquely "Australian", whether it be its development approach or anything that makes it stand out on the world stage of game development. What can Australian games generally be characterised as? I'm not sure, but PaLGN has grabbed Tantalus CEO, Tom Crago, and Tantalus Creative Director, David Hewitt, for their thoughts on the question. David Hewitt to PaLGN..

I actually feel as if the contribution of Australian game developers is largely under-credited. It's not an industry that generates celebrities and recognisable faces, and games developed here don't necessarily have Australian accents in them, or Australian scenery in the background. Most players would be surprised at the number of high-quality, high-profile titles that are developed here - they're games with which they're familiar, but their country of origin isn't always obvious.