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A post-independent Pandemic


Next Generation has posted an extensive interview with Pandemic president Josh Resnick covering what it’s like at post-independent Pandemic. Apparently not much has changed, everything that made Pandemic what it was is the same and they have a lot of creative freedom, which is a sign of the “new EA”, which is buying studios that are good at what they do, and leaving them alone to do it.

[EA will] enable them to take their passion, put it in the products, and basically stay out of their way. It’s how I run Pandemic. I make sure that my teams operate as little business units in my company, and they are empowered to make the right kinds of decisions. They have everything they need, and I stay out of their way. I let them do what they need to do. Obviously there are still interchanges and exchanges and engagements and stuff like that. [EA CEO] John [Riccitiello] feels the same way. Hire really, really smart people, give them what they need, and let them do what they need to do

Mercenaries 2 will be coming out on PS2, PC, 360 and PS3. Josh mentioned that he is also interested in the Wii, but didn’t give any definite indication on whether Pandemic would develop for it, but said that if they did, they would focus on doing so “from the ground up that really makes sense for that platform and that audience.”