Edge of Twilight proceeds with title unchanged


It appears that Edge of Twilight, Fuzzyeye's third person steam-punk themed RPG, is still going ahead, despite experiencing some legal issues with the title containing the word "Edge". It appears that having "Edge" as part of your game name crosses some trademark boundaries with Edge Games...

FUZZYEYES™ approached EDGE® Games several months ago, with the intent to resolve any issues arising out of both companies use of the mark "EDGE." Fuzzyeyes, developer of the game titled "Edge of Twilight," sought to address any potential trademark conflicts.

Through amicable negotiations, Fuzzyeyes and Edge Games have arrived at a satisfactory arrangement that addresses the concerns of both parties. This arrangement allows the highly anticipated Edge of Twilight to proceed with its title unchanged, and without infringement on any trademarks held by Edge Games.

Lu, Wei-Yao


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He must have found out Fuzzyeyes had no money to chase anyway.

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That's funny in so many ways right now...