Fuzzyeyes Studio

"Edge of Twilight" coming to consoles in 2013. Yes, this is for real.

Edge of Twilight was announced way back in 2007 by what was then the Brisbane based games studio, Fuzzyeyes Studios. The Unreal Engine-based third person action/adventure game gathered interest with its incredible visuals and it's then out-of-the-ordinary steam punk theme.

Fuzzyeyes Studios release statement on studio lay-offs

Ex-Fuzzyeyes staff have been letting us know for a while that the Brisbane game studio has been experiencing some difficulties and suffered huge retrenchments as a result, but now it's official. Wei-Yao Lu, CEO of Fuzzyeyes, has released the following statement regarding the mass staff lay-offs which have happened within the last few months.

Edge of Twilight proceeds with title unchanged

It appears that Edge of Twilight, Fuzzyeye's third person steam-punk themed RPG, is still going ahead, despite experiencing some legal issues with the title containing the word "Edge". It appears that having "Edge" as part of your game name crosses some trademark boundaries with Edge Games...

FUZZYEYES™ approached EDGE® Games several months ago, with the intent to resolve any issues arising out of both companies use of the mark "EDGE." Fuzzyeyes, developer of the game titled "Edge of Twilight," sought to address any potential trademark conflicts.

Fuzzeyes' new Edge of Twilight screenshots very Steampunky

Fuzzyeyes certainly have come a long way since Hot dogs, Hot gals! Destructoid have their filthy mittens on four new screenshots of Fuzzyeyes's Steampunk themed RPG game, Edge of Twilight.

There's not much else to say, other than the visuals look highly impressive indeed, and very Steampunky. :) Have a gander at the following link!

First Impressions of Edge of Twilight at Destructoid

Destructoid have a "First Jimpressions" of Edge of Twilight taken from a hands-on experience shown at the Tokyo Game Show 2008. It's a nice brief run through of the Steam-punk themed action game from Bisbane developers, Fuzzyeyes Studios, and describes some of the environment and gameplay experience from the demo they received...