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BigWorld Wins Australian Anthill Award

Submitted by anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 26/08/06 - 7:52 AM Permalink

  • 1. Anonymous Coward - Sat, 26 Aug 2006 12:18:1ZCongrats! It's great to see an Australian games company recgonised by the traditional business world.
  • 2. late to the party - Sat, 26 Aug 2006 15:24:59ZAnd the judges are:
    Some patent lawyers, an accountant, a banker, an office furniture retailer, and microsoft.
    whoo hoo thats hanging with the cool crowd.

    BTW Patent law sucks, Apple have just had to pay Creative us$ 100mi for using a heirachical tree to navigate an Ipod.

  • 3. Grover - Sat, 26 Aug 2006 19:4:47ZSome favourite quotes:
    "BigWorld's technology suite is the de facto industry standard middleware platform for MMOGs."

    Because it began life several years before an online games industry existed. In the words of Robert Spencer, BigWorld's Strategic Business Manager, "This is on the level with setting up a shovel factory in order to cope with the gold rush you ?know' will start... in 6 years time!"

    "We're years ahead of our nearest competitor and accelerating at the speed of thought," says Spencer.

    "We were the first mover, developed some seriously cool technology and had the persistence to see it through and launch the product," says Spencer.

    Oh to find a humble and high quality developer in Aus...

Business website / magazine Australian Anthill has awarded BigWorld Pty Ltd the first placing in their "cool company" award, beating a list of other innovative companies which also includes MyVirtualHome...

According to mainstream culture, the end users of BigWorld?s ?massively multi-player online game? (MMOG) middleware platform are not exactly cool. In fact, they?re geeks. However, BigWorld the company received so many ticks in so many boxes that our judges (after vigorous debate) had little choice but to name it the winner of Australian Anthill?s inaugural Cool Company Awards.

There's some interesting information on how BigWorld started as well as company statistics at the Australian Anthill website, so it's very much worth a look!