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Cybertime System creating virtual cities with BigWorld Technology

Press Release

(Moscow, Russia): BigWorld today announced a new deal with Russian based Cybertime System for an upcoming massively multiplayer online virtual world 'Cyber Town'.

Cybertime System specializes in the creation of virtual cities in real time environments. In their new project 'Cyber Town' they are faithfully recreating entire city infrastructures including buildings, streets, shopping centres, banks and offices. Create your own avatar and living space to socialize with friends, participate in quests and games, interact with real-world businesses and even handle online banking and utility payments. Yeketerinburg and Moscow will be the first cities to go online with other international cities like London, Tokyo and New York planned for the future.

Wladislav Nitzak, Director of Cybertime System, commented, "Looking at the explosive growth of virtual worlds and broadband internet both here in Russia and around the world, we wanted to create a new space where people could both socialize and communicate with each other in familiar settings as well as gain the added value of being able to interact with local businesses on a whole new level. We want to move from strictly placing ads to an online-services model that benefits everyone." He further added, "Partnering with BigWorld is instrumental in helping us to achieve our technological and business goals in the best and most cost efficient manner".

In parallel to this, BigWorld publicly confirmed that they now have direct local presence in the European market, which is being steered by the newly appointed Business Development Manager Europe/Russia Mr. Mike Allenson. This recent expansion has again increased BigWorld's local capabilities in foreign markets including the USA, China, Australia, Japan and Europe.

Mike is an experienced business development and public relations professional. His most recent role as Business Development Director with Moscow based publisher Nival Interactive afforded him the opportunity to work on several top-selling titles, most notably Heroes of Might and Magic V for Ubisoft.

"BigWorld Technology's growth as a best-of-class MMO middleware has been astounding. I'm both glad and honored to be joining a company that is building the best possible MMO tech coupled with an intense focus on customer support. I'm looking forward to translating and extending our successes in Asia and the U.S. here to the European and Russian markets."