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AustralianGamer tours Tantalus Interactive


The guys from AustralianGamer have another studio tour up on their site, and it's with none other than Tantalus Interactive!

The guys talk about the success of Tantalus's million plus selling title, Pony Friends, before they're whisked away for a studio tour of the three-levels of occupied Tantalus territory at the Tea House. A special preview of the new Spyro game for the Nintendo DS was given before everyone sat down for an interview with Tantalus CEO, Tom Crago.

Of course, Spyro takes up the first few questions, and then onto the recent success that Tantalus has been seeing, and Tantalus's current strategy regarding hand helds and current gen console development. Anaka, the short film that Tantalus was involved in was also on the agenda, and Tom shared his thoughts on what they were trying to do with that project, before the discussion went onto original I.P, Government assistance, and company stability.

Although we've seen a few studios go bust in recent times, Tom accounts the stability at Tantalus on being diverse and profitable. So where are Tantalus at this point in their 14 year development history? From AustralianGamer...

Tom: At the moment our focus is on Spyro and we have really high hopes for that title. We have a number of other titles that haven't been announced yet and we can't talk about, they're to be released next year. So this year for us the focus is certainly on Spyro, we also released earlier this year a couple more titles, from our MX franchise: MX vs ATV Untamed, for the DS and PSP, so they will be the Tantalus cannon for 2008. 2009 will be a bigger year again.

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