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  • Hey people,
    I've been looking through all these great character ideas and I thought I just can't leave this alone so here's the character I'm going to enter. Currently I'm still in the concept stages neways.


    Magic is a…

  • Well I've done what I can with this one like I said earlier I'd like to have my time again with this one done a better unwrap and whatnot but oh well.
    Hes 534 Tris including props.
    1 512 x 512 diff

  • Here is a 10,000 poly bridge with cabin a total of 9,491 tris all textures are 512x512 including normal maps

  • Hey guys working on a new low poly character and i reckon this one is looking a lot better than the last, not only that im almost done and it hasnt taken me long, if anybody's got any comments please give me some hints. For example I've had…

  • Hey guys I started on this today I hope to have it textured by tonight, if not tomorrow.

    Ok so I got lazy with this one left it on the back burner while working on that bride... I wish I could have my time again on this one, I…

  • Hi guys this is pretty old and I cant find the colour version, I did this 2 years ago as a major project at the AIE. This is the first movie in 3D I ever did... so go easy :P

  • I made this Spider Robot a while ago and I've done some animation cycles for it here's the first a jump.
    I've done some more but they need some tweaking so here's the first finished one.

  • This is a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo III. Built with 180 triangles.
    heres a link to the wireframe

  • OK heres a street scene I did last year.

  • I made this car as part of an assignment at the AIE.