No Free mail thingy


I want to get a profile in the modeler section, so i can show work, but for email it says no free ones allowed like hotmail. Hotmail's the only one i got, so can i still sign up, and why is like that?

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your family would have an isp email, ask your parents or whomever has it if you could use it just to sign up. Failing that do you have a school email?

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I can make a concession for you to use a hotmail account - just let me know via the comments so I know you're Bullet21. Hotmail or other free web-based email accounts are disallowed because, well, you can register multiple accounts and abuse the service with the anonymity. If you have a legit email address, you're less likely to be an ass, and I can see if you're a local too.

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I still haven't got any emails...

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I could've sworn I added you a few days ago.. anyway, you should be recceiving an email notification now.