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Sumea IRC channel has changed

Posted by redwyre on Fri, 30/09/05 - 3:02 AM

The IRC server we were using has been shut down, and we have moved to So come and join us in #sumea.

Submitted by souri on Fri, 30/09/05 - 3:19 AM Permalink

Ah, I was about to post about that. Will have to edit Sumea's java chat to the new address.

Submitted by redwyre on Sun, 16/10/05 - 12:43 PM Permalink

can you add a host (ie to sumea that we can use to redirect to an irc network?

Submitted by souri on Wed, 19/10/05 - 4:22 AM Permalink

I'm not sure if my webhost allows me to add subdomains or charges me for them to do it. Will have to look it up.

Submitted by souri on Sun, 06/11/05 - 12:47 PM Permalink

Ok, it looks like I can add subdomains, so an is possible, but it seems a bit limited (I can't put a / character as part of the address it points to). I'll have to probably put in a redirect script as a workaround [:X]. What address do you want to point to?

Submitted by redwyre on Mon, 07/11/05 - 4:15 AM Permalink, you won't be able to use a redirect script, because irc doesn't use http :)

Submitted by souri on Mon, 07/11/05 - 5:52 AM Permalink

You can do it if you're using Chatzilla and Firefox. Anyway, how did you want to redirect to an irc network?

Submitted by mcdrewski on Mon, 07/11/05 - 6:31 AM Permalink

basically, I think redwyre means (forgive me if I'm wrong) that: ---> ---> --->

So it would all happen at DNS level, and you'd never have to write a single line of code or layout.

Submitted by souri on Mon, 07/11/05 - 12:35 PM Permalink

Well, I've pointed -> (I can't point to ip addresses). I'm still not sure how this helps people get onto an irc chat in a sumea channel though??

Submitted by mcdrewski on Wed, 16/11/05 - 1:41 AM Permalink

this needs to be updated in the sticky on in this forum section too.