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Krystal in Need for Speed ProStreet

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  • 1. rezn0r - Mon, 4 Jun 2007 15:46:48 ESTHaha yay, a none too bright bikini girl on the front page! Excellent, my day has been made. :D

    Female archetypes haven't come very far though have they? 29 years after Grease was made, we're still relegating women to the scarf dropping race start girls. Yeeeah sure, you could argue that the NFS games of late have had girl racers... but for the most part, they're there to wander up and hang their FMV boobs through your window while they tell you how hot and fast you are for beating them at the race.

    One of our game designers was recently writing a thesis on gender in games, and picked up a NFS game to find an example of a strong female character. Disappointment. :P

    Come to think of it, what strong female protagonists are there in games that haven't had the "boob physics, sex kitten" treatment?

    I wonder if, as girls become a more and more viable demographic in games, we'll see something like "package physics", to realistically simulate the unrealistically sized heroic wang of the sexy hero as he runs and jumps around.


    Also, she looks like she's just been hit upside the head with a shovel. ;P


  • 1. Anonymous - Wed, 6 Jun 2007 14:03:07 ESTWomen have been used for decoration since the year dot. Its just part of our human nature.

    How much did you expect humans to have evovled in 29 years?

  • 1. Anonymous - Wed, 6 Jun 2007 14:03:07 ESTWomen have been used for decoration since the year dot. Its just part of our human nature.

    How much did you expect humans to have evovled in 29 years?

  • 2. Ex Dude - Mon, 4 Jun 2007 17:42:28 EST...oh give me a break...FFS

    Feminism is alive and well :$

  • 3. Chameleon - Mon, 4 Jun 2007 21:18:26 ESTGovernor Elaine Marley.
    Jill of the Jungle.
    Princess Rosella.
    Lucy from from Quake III.
    The main protagonists in Dreamfall: The Longest Journey 1 & 2 (i forget their names now)
  • 4. Jackydablunt - Thu, 7 Jun 2007 00:27:49 ESTI don't know hey, I both agree and disagree with this.

    The best chick in a game I know of for me was the detective in Indigo Prophecy.... but she was HOT man, probably one of the sexiest characters Ive seen. I can't necessarily agree that its a bad thing though.

    I've alllllllways been judged on the women I draw, even by Rez himself a couple of years ago :) and fair enough because all I draw is idealistic women. But why do I draw women that way? the answer is simply because i love them to death. Women have always been my favourite muse, I love the way they walk, their shape, their voices, they're freaken mood swings, everything, and most of all, I love how a woman can fall into almost any emotion and not be judged the same way as men are.

    Yeah sure Rambo cried but if he did that more than once in first blood then it wouldn't have been the same (love that movie) Women however are allowed to show constant frailty, and its the reason most of my novels have female leads. My characters I try to make savage, emotional, insecure, stern, proud, frustrated, repressed, dominant, reserved, loud, and just plain schizos, whatever I can make them. But I also make them as physically beautiful to me as I can, and I do that simply because I love them.

    But the thing is, when I draw men, I draw them the same way, idealistically. I draw them with completely unachievable physiques, overly muscular or tapered, and the majority of concept artists do the same. The difference is in this Western world at least the ideal man is strong, the ideal woman is beautiful. Iif you analyse half the male characters in games you'll find just as much thought has gone into them as has gone into this Krystal chicky here, and I guarantee the NFS players are going to be remembering her long after they forget the paper cutout who was driving the car. Seriously I don't think too many male characters are that impressive at all when you think of it that way. Kratos was cool, and I like how Freeman's a geek, but neither ain't got nothin on Ripley (and yes I am aware she's a movie character).

    the 'wang package' as Rez put it just ain't an attractive thing. It is ALWAYS emphasised, has been ever since the dawn of self awareness, even before breasts, but it will never be made animate like breasts because neither men nor women think of it as an attractive thing, its solely utilitarian. I've always tended to have close female friends and one thing I've noticed with almost all of them is that in digital media, they appreciate the female form a lot more than the man's. They say "she's hot" or "he's cool". They say "she's cool" as well, but never "he's hot"

    My point is I don't think its so much the size of their breasts rather than the lack of substance to their character that is the problem, but thats the same with men, its just a different perspective, why? because men just aren't hot. it's why we wear suits and not dresses. I have no issue at all with women being drawn idealistically just like I don't care if the men are as well, that's how I like to see them. In Eve, my avatar was a chick, because if I was going to be looking at a single face for god knows how many months I'd much rather it be a good looking female (though granted I've made her look hell brooding and spiteful as well, I love my Tszyuu, she's awesome).

    Yes there aren't many great female characters but you don't make a good one by making them ugly, and the thing is the men ALSO need to have substance to their character as well because without it, people would just rather look at the women. If a female character is present solely for titillation, I cant say I have too much of a problem with it the same way I don't have a prob with a dude being present solely to hold a big ass gun and cigar. With both those characters however I personally soon lose interest, .but hey if someone here was actually impressed by the dude they played in Wolfenstein more than they were with the hot ass Elite Guard then hey, its your bag.

  • 5. Anonymous - Thu, 7 Jun 2007 11:33:52 ESTShow us your tits!
  • 6. Apologetic Abuser - Thu, 7 Jun 2007 12:16:32 ESTCheck out the new concept piece for Condemned 2: Bloodshot, compare that to how the original character looked. Understandable there would be a difference between how the finished product looks to concept, but see the difference in idea. How much of an ordinary man did Ethan look (by comparison to a hard-as-rock loose-canon representation that Monolith are presenting now). I know i have digressed from the original topic of women, but here is an example of the same character being represented in two different lights: realistic Vs. superhero-man-candy-package of justice. I wonder if the head of the concept dep. is the same as before? Realistically i enjoyed the representation of man in the wrong situation, by comparison to a jerk who thinks and is drawn to be every inch of it.

In news that will most likely not interest too many fascinate and encourage inelligent debate for ProStreet racers everywhere, reports that Krystal Forscutt is set to be lending her "talents" for the next iteration of the popular Need for Speed franchise entitled Need for Speed ProStreet. So who's Krystal, you may ask? She's the silicon enhanced brunette that entered the Australian Big Brother house last year. From

Representatives from international gaming company EA approached Forscutt after spotting her in a bikini shoot in men's magazine Zoo Weekly.

She was flown to EA's Vancouver headquarters where she was photographed and filmed for artists to create her character - a starting girl in the race series.

Sumea is predicting big things ahead of her.