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Long time no see!

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Hey everyone,

Long time I havent been around here! I just thought i would show something that ive been working on for the past few weeks in my spare time.

Hope you enjoy!

Shes not a game model, no polycount limits and no texture sizes, just all flat colours using a simple skylight with HDR map in it and a single omni for lighting.

Made her up purely for fun, and something totally different to my usual work.

I hope you enjoy it :)

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Submitted by souri on Mon, 22/09/08 - 10:52 AM Permalink

Very nice work, Hazard :D Something like this begs to be animated though! Love the colours and the render.

Submitted by HazarD on Wed, 24/09/08 - 6:25 PM Permalink

Hey Buddy, long time no see!!!

I plan to be a much more regular member of the society again now that I've come out of hibernation!!

Thanks for the comments, i know she needs to be animated, but im *still* a crap rigger and animator lol! really only started focusing on being the best character artist i can be a couple of weeks ago, so im all about producing characters now - no more admin, no more management, no more papertrails woohoooo finally get to just focus on making characters!

More to follow...