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User from Australia

Here is some of my personal work
Lets see if it works this time :P

Submitted by souri on Wed, 16/12/09 - 6:25 PM Permalink

You know, I was working on the site, and you weren't supposed to use that "add more pictures" button just yet! Anyway, could you re-upload your art again, please? Sorry about that! Thanks :)

p.s your artwork looks great !! :)

Submitted by Johnn on Thu, 17/12/09 - 9:42 PM Permalink

some good looking concepts. I'm particuarly liking the startwars inspired one (but I'm probably bias being a bit of a starwars fan) and the dragon line art is really nice too - if you paint ony of those one be sure to post them here.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 17/03/10 - 5:13 PM Permalink

Hi Robert
where are you based?
if you're open to freelance work could you leave your email address?