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Ex APB developer forms new studio in Australia, People Pilot


Ex APB developer forms new studio in Australia
Film production style outsourcing to provide flexibility and low cost

ADELAIDE, Australia – March 23rd, 2011 – Ex-Audio Lead at Realtime Worlds, Roland Peddie, has launched new game development studio People Pilot in Australia. The studio will use an outsourcing model based on that of the film industry, with the team for each project being built from scratch using contractors.

“It works well for audio so I’m betting it will work for art and technology too” says Roland Peddie, founder of People Pilot. “Even at this very early stage it has enabled collaborations that would not have worked at a traditional studio.”

Beyond the artistic benefits of selecting staff for each particular project, People Pilot expects to reap rewards of flexibility and cost efficiency. Peddie explains: “Different projects require different team sizes, and that is easy to accommodate under this model. I think the time has finally come for distributed workforces, made especially cost effective with the growth of talent in countries such as India. The key is in strong guiding vision and quality communication.”

People Pilot will self-publish original products as well as provide development services on contract. The studio’s first mobile offering Art Spot has been released on Windows Phone 7, with other platforms to follow. “Art Spot is a simple game designed to test the waters on the various mobile platforms. It was a great pleasure to work on the project with local fine artist Eleanor Zecchin” says Peddie.

About People Pilot
Founded in 2010, People Pilot aims to become a recognised leader in the development of creative entertainment software. People Pilot will draw on experience developing on a wide range of platforms (iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone 7, Zune, Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation), and developing products that have received recognition including multiple BAFTA awards. For more information on People Pilot please visit

Roland Peddie
People Pilot

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There's another press release on the People Pilot website which gives some extra Adelaide specific details..

Australian born game developer Roland Peddie, a veteran of the videogame industry, has returned to Adelaide to start new game development studio People Pilot. Looking to take advantage of the huge and growing market for mobile entertainment, People Pilot will self-publish original products as well as provide development services on contract.

Supported by the Federal Government’s New Enterprise Incentive Scheme, People Pilot will apply a film production model to game development...

On the move to Adelaide from the United Kingdom, Peddie is upbeat: “Adelaide can claim a quality of life that’s very hard to match elsewhere in the world, and the rise of worldwide digital marketplaces such as the Apple App Store and Microsoft’s Zune Marketplace make the location a viable base for software business. I wouldn’t be anywhere else.”