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Crabitron released, developers releasing sales data via Kickstarter parody

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 22/04/13 - 4:19 PM Permalink

Fricken awesome idea.

If this doesn't become a success I don't think I'll want to live on this world anymore.


Crabitron, an iPad game by Adelaide developer, Two Lives Left, has finally been released after two years of spare-time development! In it, you control two claws of a giant enemy crab to crush or shoot a whole variety of vehicles travelling across the screen, and take part in the occasional boss fight as well. The game looks like a whole lot of fun, and the controls where you can move and clamp each of the claws is certainly unique (the fruit born from the idea the developers had of making a game that was only feasable on a tablet). Grab it on the App Store now here!

The interesting thing about the release of Crabitron, from a developers point of view, is that the Two Lives Left will also be revealing a whole lot about how it does in sales through a scheme they have termed the "Crabstarter".

It's a semi-parody of the popular Kickstarter crowd-funding idea, but the big difference here is that Two Lives Left have already funded and released Crabitron. However, they'll be updating their self-hosted Crabstarter page with sales data as time goes on, and the way you "pledge" is by simply purchasing the game itself on the App Store. There are sales goals listed on the Crapstarter page, so the more sales that Crabitron makes and the more goals reached, the more awesome updates it will receive. The developers want to continue developing Crabitron and having these goals and sales updates public on the Crabstarter will certainly be an interesting way for fans to see when the next update may happen.

Other indie developers will also be interested in following the Crabstarter to see how Crabitron's sales go, how it's charting on the App Store, and how many downloads it receives. It looks to be the latest from local indie developers, including Binary Games and Hitbox Team, in opening up and making their sales data very public.

Check out the Crabstarter page and grab Crabitron here!