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Some of my latest Pixel art prints, including: AC/DC's Angus Young, He-man & Skeletor back2back, Masters of the Universe Bodyduilding style and the thundercats.
More on the way...

I would really love to see these guy in movement.


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Submitted by souri on Thu, 26/09/13 - 2:37 PM Permalink

He-man and Thundercats! Really tight pixelling and excellent colours. Reminds me of the work from Capy (Super Time Force etc), and their pixel art is always highly praised. There's no doubt that your work would look incredible in a game!

Would love to see them animated too. I've been looking at the tiny snippets of video on youtube from The Animator’s Survival Kit and I might pull the trigger on the $37 iPad app of it, but it's incredible stuff on animation.