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Latest works by Stag Sound
  • Hey Tsumeans!
    I'm proud to announce that I'm working alongside a huge gaming Youtube network called The Yogscast.
    If you haven't heard of them just follow this link. https://www.…

10 years experience in the music industry and 7 years experience as an in house composer and sound designer in a top end post production facility.

Just finished working on a huge game titled: "Borderlands The Pre Sequel!"
Over the years I have worked on Video Games (2K Games, 505Games, High Roller Gaming) Films, TV Shows (Fringe, Alcatraz, Revenge) Apps and countless TV and Radio advertising campaigns.
I have now started my own business called STAG SOUND and my primary focus is on gaming.
Simply put STAG can offer a one stop shop for audio, taking projects from concept to score, sound design and final master to your specs. And all at a fraction of the cost of a big studio.
Please check out for more info and don't hesitate to get in touch!
Contact me directly: