Tutorial CD/DVD Compilation Plan


I have to say, the tutorials on the Special Edition of Unreal Tournament 2004 are *absoutely* brilliant. I'm quite impressed with the video tutorials. The people doing them definately know what they're talking about, and you learn so much more and easily just by watching them clicking around the interface and explaining as they go. I've never used Maya before, but there were a fair introductory tutorials on the dvd which explained a lot of things and has me very interested in Maya!

The video tutorials done by the people at [url="http://sv1.3dbuzz.com/3dbuzz_FAQ.php"]3D Buzz[/url], and they have plenty of these 'Video Training Modules' for download free on their website (all you have to do is register). You can register as a member and get them sent to you on a cd but apparantely that takes a while since "3DBuzz has one of the biggest memberbases of any site on the web. With over 30,000 members now, and more people joining everyday (and with only one person to do all the burning, labeling, and mailing)."

Where am I going with this? Well, I'm thinking perhaps we should get our collective acts together and download all these tutorials from 3DBuzz and any other useful free tutorials around. We'll send what we have to a nominated person to compile the lot on dvd or cd and then burn the lot for those who contributed in downloading.

Of course, if anyone else is interested in a copy, I'm sure it can be sent for a nominal charge for postage and blank dvd/cd. It's my understanding that these tutorials are freely downloadable and can be distributed without profit (if you find anything different, let me know). I really think something like this would benefit *everyone* here, so what do you think?!

** ok, I just had a look at the download page, and there seems to be so much stuff there. It might be possible to get them if there are a lot of people here on cable/fast connections, but I'm probably being a bit optimistic (it would require the generosity of high speed users here [:D]. I'm sure there are gigs and gigs worth of tutorials). There's tonnes of great stuff there, from Maya, XSI, 3DSMax through to Concept Art, HumanIk, and Photoshop. Probably worth looking into purchasing them all if there is an option.

Great! We have 7 contributors (including myself). If there are more people willing to downloada an issue or 2, let me know! You'll get back a multitude more in return for your efforts, trust me

ZBrush - Issue 1 (Inglis has Basic Overview from Issue1)
Maya - Issue 1(Inglis has), Issue 2(Inglis has)
3dsmax - Issue 1(Inglis has), Issue 2(Inglis has), Issue 3(Bullet21 has), Issue 4(Bullet21 has - missing chapter 4 eyes, maybe Stu can send), Issue 5 (Stu has)

XSI - Issue 1 (Inglis has)
PHP & MySQL - Issue 1 (Inglis has), Issue 2
Photoshop 7.0 - Issue 1 (Inglis has)
Quake III Game Design - Issue 1 (Inglis has)
Unreal Tournament Game Design - Issue 1
MOTIONBUILDER - Issue 1(Inglis has), Issue 2, Issue 3, Issue 4, Issue 5
Houdini - Issue 1(Inglis has), Issue 2, Issue 3
Combustion - Issue 1
UT2003 Game Design - Issue 1, Issue 2, Issue 3, Issue 4, Issue 5, Issue 6, Issue 7
Creating Concept Art - Issue 1, Issue 2
HumanIK - (it gets a bit funny with issue numbers here)

Lightwave - Issue1
Gamespace - Issue1(Bullet21 has)
Unreal Tech - (Inglis has Introduction to UnrealEd from Issue1)

I have Maya Fundamentals..
01 - Maya PLE - Intro
02 - Maya Modeling Basic
03 - Maya Animation

X5 is sending in:
HumanIK Issue 1
Concept Art Design Issue 1
Concept Art Design Issue 2
PHP & MySQL Integration Issue 2

So anyway, I'll update this list on who has what, what shouldn't we bother with (e.g Quake III Game Design) and for the people who volunteered to nominate certain issues to download. Some things we might have to skip like the Unreal Tournament 2003 stuff since I have 2004 relevant vtms.

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Maya is turning another one :cue evil laugh: ;)

I have DSL and I am always looking for stuff to download. IF you would like me to download anything, just let me know. I also have a DVD Burner.

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Firstly, its not 30,000 members- its 111,000+

Secondly, you can not download all the training videos straight away after becoming a member.
They have just put in a system where you get stars for the more active you are in the 3dBuzz community. And you need x amount of stars to download more than the basic intro videos.

I joined 3Dbuzz way back in the day when they started mailing out the videos on cd. Now the member base is 10x bigger and cant really do that.
So I actually have a few cds here, they are:

Motionbuilder Issue 1
Houdini Issue 1
3dsMax Issue 1
3dsMax Issue 2
Maya Issue 1
Maya Issue 2
XSI Issue 1
Quake 3 Issue 1
Photoshop7 Issue 1
PHP/MYSQL Issue 1 (on the same cd as Photoshop 7)

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Darn, I knew it was too good to be true. [:)] Anyway, that begs the question if you would be generous enough to share those cd's! (I know it might be too much to ask but it's worth asking and would save a lot of time - people can try getting what you don't have).

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id be happy to download some tuts if u like (bigpond cable unlim).

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yeah i can share :)


i might just make some copies and mail them to you Souri?

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Hey that's great! Excellant!

I could be the nominated person to do the compiling if you guys like. For those contributing (sending in what they can download), I'd be more than happy to cover the blank dvds (hopefully not tooo many!), burning task, postage and packaging costs, and sending it to you once we fill up discs.

So I guess we can get started on what needs to be downloaded, and who's willing to download what?

btw, I have Maya Fundamentals..
01 - Maya PLE - Intro
02 - Maya Modeling Basic
03 - Maya Animation

(totalling about 600mbs)

plus the Unreal editing stuff which is near 7 gigs [xx(]..

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i have downloaded:

Unreal Technology Issue 1: Introduction to UnrealEd
Running Time: 18.5 min | Size: 7.48 MB

Zbrush Issue 1: Basic Overview
Running Time: 32.1 min | Size: 23.8 MB

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sounds like a good idea.

all the 1s i hav have all ready been noted. but im on cable (optus 12gig) so any other 1s need dling im happy to help out.

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I have the 3Dsmax intro to the poly modelling ones (issue 3) and i also have the alien head modelling one (issue 4) so i can contribute. I am currnetly trying to get a star so i can get more but anyway, how can i send them to you. With me and inglis we have th 1st four issues of the 3dsmax VTM's

Oh and yeah i've also got Lightwave VTM's (issue 1) and the Gamespace VTM's (issue 1).

Also i have bigpond unlimited cable, i know we are all going to download stuff that's already been downloaded by someone else so maybe if you (souri) nominated the people willing to downlaod stuff to download particular VTM's.

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Sorry guys but i couldn't find my lightwave one so i cant contribute that one, but like i said i have MAX issues 3 and 4, it's just that i don't see my name up there for those ones. and gamespace issue 1
PS the gamespace one is kool, you get straight into modelling.

Oh and yeah how do we get them to you Souri?

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I've updated the list. I'm going to be setting up a P.O box next week so you can send it to me through there (do you have a cd/dvd burner?). T-shirt orders will be sent to that P.O box as well, so more info soon.

Can someone nominate to download any of these issues? Creating Concept Art (1 & 2), Lightwave, PHP & MySQL Issue 2, Combustion - Issue 1, and the HumanIK stuff?

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Yup i have a cd burner, I would get the rest but you need a star. Otherwise you can only get the first one

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Get what you can and let me know. Can our contributors put their hands up on specific issues they can download, so I can jot your name on the list?

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Have u set up the PO box yet? also can you watch it on a DVD player or just on the PC

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I've applied for a PO Box. Just waiting on the post office to process it and call me back if there's any free ones available (or when one will be available). No idea when that will be though. [:(]

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once u get a PO box ill get these VTMs

HumanIK Issue 1
Concept Art Design Issue 1
Concept Art Design Issue 2
PHP & MySQL Integration Issue 2

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Hey I've got a few 3dbuzz tutorials lying around:

3ds max issue 1
3ds max issue 2
3ds max issue 3
3ds max issue 4
3ds max issue 5

Photoshop issue 1

and a few other non 3dbuzz video tutorials on particle flow, max 6 etc.


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Good stuff! It would be great if you can send in 3ds max issue 5 and those other tutorials you mentioned (max 6 etc).

I was just about to get my P.O box this afternoon - I filled out the form, handed it in, waited for them to process, and got the call to pick up the key/pay, but I've decided not to get it. I'm in the process of moving in a few weeks, and it'll take me an hours drive to check my P.O Box. So once I get a P.O Box happening near my new location, I'll let you guys know.

Also, for those that want Sumea t-shirts, I might not have a P.O Box in time before the IGDC, so since I'm flying down to Melbourne for the conference, I'll just bring some shirts with me, so if you're going to be at the dinner or the conference, you can pick it off me then. It'll save you $5-6 or however much it is for the packaging/postage costs as well. (Plus you get to see the shirt first to decide if it's worth buying or not [:)]

The shirt design is done (including tracing the art through illustrator) and it's ready to be given to the printers to print, I've just been pre-occupied to call around to get quotes.

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so were not sure on prices yet?

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Not sure on prices yet.

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What's happening Souri?

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I'll be applying for a P.O Box at my new location (just finished moving yesterday) so I'll get this all happening and let you know where to send stuff!

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Ok, I have a P.O Box... the details are:

P.O Box 161
Bonnyrigg NSW 2177

Please look at the first page to see what stuff you volunteered to send, and we'll clear anything that needs clearing up asap!

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i'll send mine tonight!

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well haven't had time to send it yet, i jsut burnt it to cd and will send it most likely tommorow or tuesday. Have to go to a Communion today. Damn you Religon, damn you to hell!

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Ok, I'm still very eager to get this happening, as I'm sure everyone will benefit from it.. Post here if you have sent something via mail or plan to shortly. I'll send messages to those who've volunteered but haven't heard from since..

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I voulenteer to download if theres a request (well only so many ofcourse but you get the idea, btw i have bigpond cable) but the only things i own are all the tutorials that come with the UT2k4 SE DVD

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I still haven't got arounud to it, i will shortly, i'll compile the CD tonight and send it out ASAP, remember i have gamespace and a few of the max ones

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Just an update, i've sent mine souri, you should recieve it this week, It's in a normal envelope and the cd doesn't have a case, i just couldn't find and envelopes big enough so i put it in a normal one with out the case.

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Ok, I have Bullet21's cd.. I will be chasing the rest of you sometime tomorrow, so expect an email [;)]