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Distance or part time education info

Hi all,

I am looking for more info on courses and I wonder if anyone has some advice - I am interested in getting into the video game industry. I currently work as a network admin in Sydney and have a pretty good understanding of programming and have a big passion for gaming.

My employer has given me some options to work less for the rest of the year for a reduced rate of pay. I think it is a great opportunity to get some education, either to fill out my programming knowledge some more, or perhaps even study in a totally different area of game development (Game Design, 2d/3d art or level design). I wouldn't mind being an all rounder in terms of skills.

Can anyone suggest any study that I could undertake in a part time or distance education type capacity? I could feasibly study for one full day per week and additionally night time classes.

I am going through all the links from the Tsumea wiki now, but just thought I’d also reach out here. I only have a few days to decide.

Thanks in advance!