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AUS-VGDC 2004, Calling for Entry

Posted by soulstone on Sun, 01/08/04 - 1:37 PM

Hi Everyone,[:D]
Finally it??s open for entry! Thanks for such a great response from everyone one around the world and local (AUS) enquires.
We already have lots of responds form the industry and universities, here is what you are waiting for.

Either you are Virtools users or not, let experience with the power of Dev 3.0.

Virtools Game Design Contest 2004 - Round 1, is now calling for entry and get your chance to win a Full license Dev 3.0
Or 10x Educational Dev 3.0 Licenses (worth $9,600USD) at the same time showing your talents around the world. (All the contestants will also get a free VGDC 2004 T-Shirts)

Contest Information Book and Application Form:

Virtools Dev 3.0 ?C Evaluation Copy upon request with your information. (Evaluation of VR, Physics and Xbox Kit also available)

For more information about Virtools Dev 3.0

Let??s all release the power of imaginations with VIRTOOLS!

Visionary Forces Team