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EVENT : PERTH : iVEC : Visualisation Seminar : 14th of May

On behalf of iVEC, I would like to invite you to the iVEC Visualisation
Seminar Series second presentation "Raytracing: your shadows for nothing
and reflections for free"

In the last 12 months there have been a number of news articles about
raytracing, many predicting raytracing will replace current graphics

This seminar will explore the latest advances in raytracing on CPUs, GPUs and the Playstation 3 (CellBE processor), and will be followed by a
discussion of their future potential as the mainstream rendering

We will show how Pixar (Toy Story, Shrek etc) reduced single frame render times from 2 hours to less than a minute using 900 cores in parallel.

As part of the presentation there will be live demonstrations of
raytracing on the Auditorium bigscreen using the iVEC ARRC supercomputer and the Playstation 3.

For more details please contact myself, Ronald Jones ronald (at) ivec (dot) org

When: Wednesday 14th May 2008, 10am - 12pm
Where: ARRC Auditorium, 26 Dick Perry Avenue, Kensington, WA
Cost: Free. Light lunch provided

Registration: Wendy D'Arrigo , by 9th May