Bugger, Bugger, Bugger


I made the first entry in my profile and entered the large images a second time, i got the hang of it now,,,well I guess I had to make at least a couple of dang errors, anyways,,,can I delete an entry, or is that outta my hands??
Bai Bai

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Yep sure, you can delete your entries!.. click on the *edit* text next to your news item, and at the bottom there should be a delete button..

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I have a question I am trying to upload a thumbnail and then put a link for the larger image. I kind of tried doing this and the thumbnail worked but then It showed a huge pixeled version of my work where I wanted it to display the link. After you click on a thumbnail where does that direct us?..Should I be posting images elsewhere?

sorry me = *stupid*

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The larger version of the picture has to be 800x600 pixels in size.. so anything smaller will get stretched larger, so that's why it's pixellated..
Uhm.. just had a check on your naming conventions.. you can name your thumbnails what ever you like, but make sure only your large images just have a L.jpg at the end.. I see you're calling your thumbnails thumbnail3L.jpg.. it might get a bit confusing for you .. so in summary, thumbnails = xxxxx.jpg , large image is same filename but with an L at the end.. eg = xxxxxL.jpg .. both are uploaded onto Sumea..
After you click on a thumbnail, it directs you to that little gallery page with the large image on top, and all the thumbnails at the bottom..

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I am a connoisseur at confusing myself and other people! muhahahaha. I can't wait to start putting more stuff up, this is such a funky site you have here Souri. And may I say your work is absolutely beautiful! You have such skill! I particularly like your eye for lighting and atmosphere..*everybody bow to Souri* haha!

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erk! um can you gimme a hand, i attempted to upload my files just large ones, they uploaded and you can see the thumbs but when you click for a larger look they don't show up, can you tell me what i'm doing wrong?


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I think you've named your larger pictures incorrectly.. you've named one of your thumbnails as boobaS.jpg and the larger one as boobaL.jpg.. Sumea, however, expects to see the large picture as boobaSL.jpg.. so basically, whatever you call your thumbnails, your larger picture must be the same but with an L at the end (eg. thumbnail: shoe.jpg, largepicture: shoeL.jpg).. That's how Sumea automatically finds the large pictures.. it expects the same name but with an L at the end..
Another thing, I see that you've got large pictures showing up as thumbnails as well. I think this would have happened if you uploaded your thumbnails AND large pictures at the same time.. Make sure you follow the process, which is :

1.. Upload thumbnails first..
2.. Add news (you'll notice that the picture fields are filled in.. these picture fields are only for your thumbnail names)
3.. Upload large pictures.. and thats it!

Sorry if the upload process is little confusing. I'm currently thinking of ways to make the process easier.. If anyone wants me to guide them through it, I'm always available on MSN messenger at sumea@hotmail.com, and ICQ 148950704 ..

btw, your work is great! Nice modelled AND textured frog (some nice bumpmap details there), and very detailed camera.. the boobs are nice also ..

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Hey Kirby,

Great pictures of that girl's face on the News!

I love the close up one. Her eyes are so startling.

Lovely work.

- Murray