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Thinking of moving to Victoria

Posted by groovyone on Sat, 03/07/04 - 7:02 AM

Perhaps it's time to pack up and move from NSW to Vic. The NSW gov't doesn't take small companies seriously. Tried to get on a trade mission to E3 to get more business, but my company is too small, doesn't earn enough, or have enough people to be considered worth while.

So I think I will move where the Government supports small companies. If I end up pulling some big titles into Australia, I am sure the NSW gov't would take me more seriously and want to have a piece of the pie saying they supported me.. but who wants to deal with an organization who's just in it for the money. Pretty ignorant of them since %85 of my business is international!

Obviously with help getting to industry events overseas, the smaller companies can make an impact..

I still salute Vic Govn't for supporting game developers.

Big UP to the Vic Govt!

Submitted by MoonUnit on Sat, 03/07/04 - 7:07 AM Permalink

hurray for Victoria :P
this just a specualted thing or are you moving down here for sure?

Submitted by groovyone on Sun, 04/07/04 - 4:03 AM Permalink

Very seriously considering it or Queensland. When I think of gaming, I think Victoria or Queensland, not NSW.

Submitted by Mystikos on Wed, 14/07/04 - 3:07 AM Permalink

That's because Queensland is the best. I love Queensland... except for the hot weather.