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Complete Newbie Needs Help

Posted by Winson on Wed, 03/08/11 - 9:01 PM


I'm a complete newbie who really wants to be a Concept Artist. Do you guys have any advice on where/how I may learn and start to practice to go on this path? :3

Submitted by Dean (not verified) on Wed, 31/08/11 - 4:58 PM Permalink

Start a blog and start sharing your art. Constrain yourself to a concept, either one you come up with, or steal someone elses (take a real high level look at Halo for example, and conceptualise that in your own style) - and throw together a few pieces.
As a concept artist, it's more than just 'art' - you need to be able to express why you've taken a certain direction or made certain decisions, and you need to be able to share your vision - and that must of course fit within the vision of the creative director/whoever is doing the high level stuff. This kind of thing will give you both practice, and a portfolio, and it's that portfolio that you take to a studio when looking for paid work.
Another tip, and although not specifically game dev related, places like deviantart are amazing for getting feedback from other artists, and this kind of feedback really is invaluable.