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Chat about problems or anything relating to game art creation here.


Hi everyone,

I’ve begun creating 2D game art that you are welcome to freely use in your projects. Some is pixel art, some is derived from 3D objects that I created, and others are backgrounds that might be useful in visual novels and interactive fiction. You’ll find them on my new “ART” pages on my website:

The art pages are located at the bottom of the menu list on the right side of the screen.

At this point I’m experimenting with different styles and methods so hopefully I will be able to offer a good variety of things. Please feel free to modify / edit as needed. If you happen to find any of these images helpful and decide to use them, please attribute me in the “game art” section of your credits area.


Submitted by Eric Matyas on Sat, 09/02/19 - 12:58 AM Permalink

I ventured into new territory this week and experimented with creating animated game art. Made a couple of lanterns that might work in RPGs or other things. One is an old style hand-held one…the other might work for a street or attached to a tavern or inn. Both shimmer with an amber glow. You’ll find them here:

I also created a treasure chest (with a couple of variations) that might come in handy. They are here:

Feel free to edit as needed.


Submitted by Eric Matyas on Wed, 01/05/19 - 8:30 AM Permalink

Greetings everyone,

Continuing my mad experiments with various game art styles, I’ve got some pixel art planets and space rocks here:


They live toward the bottom of the page, so make sure to scroll down.

As always, feel free to edit and modify as needed.


Submitted by Eric Matyas on Sun, 12/05/19 - 7:10 PM Permalink

Hey guys,

More experiments with various game art styles. I’ve got some pixel art-style map templates here:


You’ll need to scroll down to the bottom of the page.

It was suggested to me that they might also be useful as backgrounds. Feel free to edit and modify as needed.

Btw, if anyone happens to have kids (or know someone who does) I’ve created a learning series that teaches them environmental stewardship in a fun way through stories and characters. It was my first try at making films with a DSLR…(they can be very challenging to work with in the field)…but I think the films came out pretty well. The organization I made them for was very happy with them and uses the films all the time…hopefully others can benefit from them as well. Please feel free to share with teachers, family, friends or anyone you know who might find them useful.



Hi everyone,

I've been building a library of images that you are welcome to freely use in your projects. They are all original...all my own work. I think a lot of them could be made into cool textures for games. All I ask is to be attributed as indicated on my homepage:

The images are on my "TXR" pages.

I'm adding new ones all the time, so be sure to check back often. I sincerely hope that some of them are useful. Any and all constructive feedback is welcome and always appreciated. :-)

All the best,


Submitted by Eric Matyas on Tue, 24/01/17 - 10:40 PM Permalink

Hi everyone,

I photographed a lot of cool textures last week that I'm sure could be used in all kinds of things. You'll find them here:

If anyone has requests for certain types of images, I'll be happy to keep my eyes open for them. Just let me know. :-)

Have a good week,


Submitted by Eric Matyas on Wed, 01/02/17 - 3:17 PM Permalink

Hi everyone,

A whole bunch of new seamless texture images are ready for you on the following pages:

TXR - Brick
TXR - Concrete/Pavement
TXR - Foliage
TXR - Ground
TXR - Stone
TXR - Wood

Feel free to generate maps from them (displacement, specular, etc) as needed. If you need me to create them custom for you, drop me an email...(my email address is at the bottom of my homepage.)

I hope some of them are helpful!


Submitted by Eric Matyas on Thu, 16/02/17 - 12:38 AM Permalink

This week's new free images are on my TXR - WOOD page. At the top, I've added a bunch of smooth wood images that might come in handy for interiors. Some have dents and other signs of wear.

If you scroll down (way down) to Seamless Textures, you'll find about 20 "fantasy wood" images...(I'm experimenting with creating different looks.)

Anyhow, they all live here:

I hope some of them are helpful!

Submitted by Eric Matyas on Tue, 21/02/17 - 11:10 PM Permalink

Hi everyone,

I've added about 100 new texture images. You'll find them on the following pages:

TXR - BRICK - (some new seamless "fantasy" bricks)

TXR - GROUND - (stones that could be used for riverbeds, railroad beds, etc.)

TXR - METAL - (both standard and seamless)

TXR - ROCK/STONE - (lots of cool rock textures, both standard and seamless...realistic as well as fantasy creations)

TXR - VEGETATION - (some cool ground cover that has a surreal look)


Submitted by Eric Matyas on Wed, 08/03/17 - 10:53 AM Permalink

Hi everyone,

I just began a new page of cool Sci-Fi texture images. Give it a look:

I'll be adding many more images, including skins for creatures, aliens, etc.

Any requests?

Btw, I've also had folks ask about how to credit me for my images. Please simply list me and my website under "Textures" in your credits section...there's no need to identify which images are mine...unless you really want to. :-)

Anyhow, I think this is going to evolve into a really cool page. Hope it's helpful!


Submitted by Eric Matyas on Mon, 27/03/17 - 10:01 AM Permalink

Hi everyone,

This week's new images are all seamless so they can be tiled.

The first group might be useful in sci-fi games. Feel free to scale them, mix with procedural textures or other images as needed.

The second bunch are stone textures and could be useful for walls or other structures.

Please note: On all of my texture pages, the seamless images are grouped below the standard ones so make sure to scroll down...(WAY down on the rock/stone page.)

Anyhow, I hope some of them are helpful. Have a great week!

Submitted by Eric Matyas on Sat, 29/04/17 - 12:14 AM Permalink

I've just uploaded about 70 new seamless metal textures. All are 2048X2048. Some have a "camo" look and might work well for military-themed objects. Others have intriguing patterns that might look cool in fantasy-based things. And some are just plain weird looking, but what the heck...give them a look. Hopefully some of them will be helpful.

(Scroll down...they live toward the bottom of the page.)

More are on the way. :-)

Submitted by Eric Matyas on Wed, 10/05/17 - 10:41 PM Permalink


I've uploaded about 150 new texture images, seamless and standard. As always, feel free to edit as needed. You'll find them here:

Paper textures (for maps, backgrounds, etc.) are on their way as well. Hopefully I'll have a brand new page full of them by next week. :-)

Submitted by Eric Matyas on Fri, 26/05/17 - 4:58 AM Permalink

Hi everyone,

I've just uploaded about 130 seamless fabric texture images onto a brand new page:

Hopefully some of them will be useful for clothes and other things. As always, feel free to edit as needed.

Have a great weekend! :-)

Submitted by Eric Matyas on Tue, 13/06/17 - 10:39 PM Permalink

I've uploaded a bunch of cool new metal, stone and bark texture images, both seamless and standard.

They are here:

I hope some of them are helpful.

Btw, my Soundimage Facebook page has been giving me trouble, so I've started a personal one:

Have a good week! :-)

Submitted by Eric Matyas on Wed, 05/07/17 - 11:27 PM Permalink


I've uploaded about 100 new fabric texture images on my TXR - FABRIC page. They are all seamless, 2048X2048 and ready for tiling.

New fabric types include Leather, Rayon, Metal Linens, Dyed Acrylics and various weaves.

They might be useful for clothes for characters, furniture coverings, carpets, or anything else you can think of.

You'll find them here:

I hope some of them are useful! :-)

Submitted by Eric Matyas on Mon, 31/07/17 - 3:40 AM Permalink

I've uploaded a bunch of new texture images, both seamless and standard, on the following pages:

TXR - Brick

TXR - Metal

TXR - Wood

If anyone happens to need a couple of distressed wooden door images, they are on my TXR - WOOD page as well. I think they look really cool. As always, feel free to edit as needed.

Btw, fur images on on their way...stay tuned! :-)


Hey everyone just wanting to get some feedback on some silhouettes for a couple characters i have created ( its very rough ) first is a deep sea angler fish tribal sort of character, second is a hulking beetle troll character and lastly is a creepy tainted tree spectre sorta thing

Submitted by Digital Bunker on Wed, 20/07/16 - 9:38 AM Permalink

Love the top design, very strong shape and form....would love to see this taken into 3D for a game character - Ishpal Sandhu


Hi Everyone,

I come seeking advice and expressions of interest.

I am in the process of creating a travelling show that takes up to 40 children at a time on a hour long virtual tour of our solar system, inside an 8m 'Space Bus' that comes to their school. The 'Space Bus' will have 8x 40" 'windows' (LED HD TV screens) down each side and 2 or 3 to make up the front 'Window'

What I'm looking for is a team to create the visuals for the tour which will be seen as though looking out of the windows of a space ship.

Also seeking advice on the potential budget required for such a project.

Hope there's some keen space enthusiasts out there!



I'm a complete newbie who really wants to be a Concept Artist. Do you guys have any advice on where/how I may learn and start to practice to go on this path? :3

Submitted by Dean (not verified) on Wed, 31/08/11 - 4:58 PM Permalink

Start a blog and start sharing your art. Constrain yourself to a concept, either one you come up with, or steal someone elses (take a real high level look at Halo for example, and conceptualise that in your own style) - and throw together a few pieces.
As a concept artist, it's more than just 'art' - you need to be able to express why you've taken a certain direction or made certain decisions, and you need to be able to share your vision - and that must of course fit within the vision of the creative director/whoever is doing the high level stuff. This kind of thing will give you both practice, and a portfolio, and it's that portfolio that you take to a studio when looking for paid work.
Another tip, and although not specifically game dev related, places like deviantart are amazing for getting feedback from other artists, and this kind of feedback really is invaluable.


I recently commenced painting a large digital painting. I'm using Photohshop for the project and I've become acutely aware of the textures and brush marks that are developing and their distinctily digital look. I'm a fan of 'natural' textures and initially worked to eliminate these relatively mechanical ones but this in turn is making the painting look over worked and lifeless.

The more I think about it the more I believe I should actively embrace these digital textures and accept they are the natural result of the process. I was wondering what others thought about textures that are obviously digital in origin within paintings. Are they accepted by viewers as an enriching element in the same way traditional brush marks often are?

Submitted by souri on Mon, 23/03/09 - 12:38 AM Permalink

Can you post some examples so we can see the differences? Would be highly interested to see them! I think I sorta know what you mean by distincly digital concept art (ones that have so many straight lines and look just too perfect).

Submitted by Johnn on Tue, 24/03/09 - 6:31 PM Permalink

the example below is what I am talking about in part at least. I'm trying to embrace the stylised 'brush' marks that the photohshop brushes make and their lack of sophistication with how each brush stroke interacts (or doesn't to be accurate) with other brush strokes and their regularity of shape/weight/opacity etc.

I might have to revisit the topic of custom brushes in photoshop, although they often have the same issues of lack of interaction between brush strokes. I think I've been spoilt with Painters excellent brush engine :(

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 25/03/09 - 12:27 AM Permalink

U can definitely do more natural style brush strokes in photoshop.. the assumption u made with that picture shows ur a little misinformed with what photoshop is capable of nowadays. I cant blame ya, its hard to keep up with software advances these days :)

I think you'll find u can adjust the Flow in ur brush settings to get rid of that jittering effect. Definitely go into ur brush presets and have a mess around, theres a multitude of different effects u can make with adjusting some settings in there.. thats the basics even before getting into any advanced custom brushes etc, which are fun to make, and there are heaps to download on the net, just do a google search. I have used painter in a while, so i cant really compare, which is more 'naturalistic', but photoshop is definitely not limited these types of brush strokes..

In terms of embracing the distinctly digital look, i think its a progressive thing that will happen over time. There is still the stigma of traditional painting somehow being better or more respected, and thus digital artists tend to often try and mimic the look of oil paint and other traditional mediums. I think this is what generally happens when new technology arrives, the technology or new practitioners tend to mimick the certain subtle nuances of the old technology, whether that be the brush strokes from a paintbrush, or with digital film makers mimicking traditional camera lenses, lens effects etc. even though these 'restrictions', or nuances, are not inherent in the new technology.

I recommend a search for a guy named Andrew Jones, he is one artist that comes to mind who is definitely embracing the distinct qualities and possibilities of digital art.

Submitted by Johnn on Wed, 25/03/09 - 12:50 PM Permalink

I should have probably qualifed that the example I posted was to highlight detail that is distinctly digital verses natural and not my attempt to producing a 'natural' photoshop brush. The question I'm raising is whether this obviously digital detail is more or less satisflying than detail that resembles natural media.

You sort of summed up what I was getting at: "There is still the stigma of traditional painting somehow being better or more respected". I'm a fan of the asthetics of natural brush work and until now guilty of supporting this stigma to some extent (I do enjoy uniquely digital details in other peoples works, but generally not my own! ...and I think natural blending of marks creates a richer and more subtle result for less effort). But it has occured to me that the brush textures are no more or less valid than artificial textures (neither are realistic renderings of subject matter) and i should possibly embrace this point of view to a greater extent.

...urrr does any of that make sense?

Submitted by bozza on Thu, 26/03/09 - 11:04 AM Permalink

Ive found i prefer Corel Painter to Photoshop when it comes to trying to replicate traditional sort of painting (hence the name of the Corel program i guess, heh). So it might be worthwhile having a look at that if you're finding you're not liking Photoshop for that stuff.

edit: In reading your second reply it seems you might already have been using Painter previously...

Submitted by Johnn on Mon, 30/03/09 - 1:04 PM Permalink

Yes I have Bozza, I've been using Painter for a couple of years now as my preferred tool for digital painting. I intially tried it because of the rotate canvas feature (super handy for sketching) but kept using it because the subtley of the paint interaction is really really excellent, far more complex than Photoshop's brush/canvas interaction.

I'm (unfortunately) consolidating my software suite and looking at phasing Painter out of my tool kit. I can do illustration with Photoshop but I can't do graphics with Painter, so Adobe Suite has won. Photoshop just implemented rotate canvas too, last nail in the coffin for that decision!).

That of course means I need to reaquaint myself with Photoshop as an illustration tool and set it up for that purpose again, which brought me to ponder: are the non-natural brush marks that photoshop can make worthy for addition to my brush set?

I think I haven't expressed this question very clearly here though, people seem to have interpreted it as 'Can/how do I make Photoshop do brush marks like Painter?'. Anon did comment that it was likely artificial brush marks would become more accepted over time, which implies they are not there yet, but was at least answering my question.

...On the off chance that anyone has read this far, and to move the train of thought along, does any one have examples of artifical textures used in digital painting that they think are cool?


Hello fellow Tsumeans,

My company is in need of a few good person (human) models. See more info here.

Text from page:Submit your person model here.

Rewards as follows:

High Quality - 2 years free game play on our MMOs
Medium Quality - 1 year free game play on our MMOs
Low Quality - 6 months free game play on our MMOs.

There will only be one winner of each award but for your efforts you will be awarded up to a month (depending on quality)

Thanks for any assistance.


Ok I doubt this will be read by anyone but hey I'll give it a try, I would love to be a character artist working in games right so I figure to start of as low poly as possible make some decent low poly models then move up.
So I have be working on a low poly character and needed advice as to redering and presentation, I was then advised to show my work as screenshots rather than straight renders. What to Australian games company look for? what would look better on a showreel?

So the character is a 620 Tri model with 1 256x256 diff and a 256x256 opac


Submitted by souri on Tue, 11/11/08 - 10:48 PM Permalink

Are you looking to work in the mobile games field?

I don't have an answer for your question, but for low poly work for mobile games, it looks like the perfect question for Firemint. I've been encoding and uploading Game Connect: Asia Pacific sessions to our youtube channel, and I've just done encoding the talk that Ronald Haupt from Firemint did - near the end someone asked about artist jobs there. Ronald spoke a little about the type of CV's they receive that show high-res models and textures which just wouldn't work for mobile games.

Just a little bit of trivia for you, I remember way back in 98 or 99 when Tantalus was advertising for an artist opening on their website. You had to model a car using less than 200 polygons! Back then they had the Tantalus guy featured a bit on the site with a comic on him and his adventures. :D

Submitted by redwyre on Wed, 12/11/08 - 12:03 AM Permalink

It would probably be good to have some animation on it, even if it is quite simple. That would show that you know where the polys are needed.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 12/11/08 - 2:15 AM Permalink

Hmm, I think there are a couple of things. Wireframes are good. Models that look like they are going to deform properly are good (Of course rigged characters with strong poses are even better). Multiple characters in your portfolio as evidence that you can consistently perform is good too. Additionally, characters rendered in hardware with normal maps etc will sell you as a person who knows a little something about modern game assets.

Hmm, what is the 256x256 opac in that character?

I would say try not to let the low poly drive your character quality. Those hands look as though they could use some meat, while still being cheap on the triangles. It's a puzzle, all in the art of low poly modeling!

Good luck!

Submitted by jadedbuddha on Wed, 12/11/08 - 6:02 PM Permalink

Well, I didn't think anyone was goin to reply so thanks heaps for your information. I had a brief spurt of time off and made a couple of characters some of which I've posted here, the manchu character I'm not real happy with but the others I think are ok.

I'm working on a new character at the moment that still needs a fair bit of work that I'll post in the near future. I'll keep your comments in mind.

as for the opacity map and whatnot that was for the gun and hat, the hat didn't look so good as the opacity sort of had a falloff on it and blah blah blah. But I will rig this character and and pose him up.

The only question I've asked that wasn't answered was go with the a cat-mull render or screenshot, or doesn't it matter so much, also should I show a Hi-rez versions of a character which of course will make errors more predominant or go with a render size that I'd expect the charcter to be seen in or both.... I think I just answered that last bit with both.

Anyway Thanks a heaps, as I'm sure you guys know this is means a lot, I'll get cracking.

Cheers Rubes

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 12/11/08 - 7:30 PM Permalink

Go for flat shaded view in your viewport, 100% illumonation because thats how they are pretty much going to me shown in game. Good luck and keep it at.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 14/11/08 - 12:10 AM Permalink

Yes I'd second that about self illumination, avoid messy shading situations such as the one appearing on your characters hands at the finger tips.

Some character modelers like to use the old turntable animations, usually going from grey shaded, then wireframe, then textured. It makes it better if they are in an interesting pose. This should accompany front, back, side, and multiple perspective render as images as well, showing that you are not being lazy with the polys.

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