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Brisbane IGDA meeting reminder

Posted by Mick1460 on Fri, 04/02/05 - 5:59 AM

Hi Guys,

Just a quick reminder about the Greater Brisbane IGDA meeting thats happening this Sunday!

Pass this on
Contagion power! Please forward this message to everyone you know in the game development industry here.

Because this IGDA chapter is strictly against poaching practices, we hope you feel safe sending this invitation to others in your game company.

What is the IGDA?
The IGDA helps game developers gather together in a noncompetitive atmosphere to relax and learn from each other. To learn more about this IGDA chapter, please see our home page at:

To read the forums, you will need to become an IGDA member. However, there is a free membership available.

Next event: What, who, when, where
WHAT: A casual pub meeting for developers to relax and meet each other, talk about the IGDA, and generate ideas for upcoming events. The speechifying part will be very short, and you can leave anytime with no hard feelings. You can have a bite to eat or a drink there.

WHO: Anyone active or once-active in the game development industry. Those not in the industry, please stay tuned for future events that reach out to the community. This time, the idea is to gel those of us in the industry so we can do that outreach in the near future.

WHEN: Sunday, 6 Feb, @ 3:00 PM. At about 3:30, I?ll announce a few words about the IGDA. At least some of us will stay till 5:00 or later.

WHERE: Plough Inn, Stanley Street Plaza, Southbank. See which has a map and directions, or call 07 3844 7777.

FINDING US: We will meet in the covered outdoor Gazebo area. Look for a black Xbox hat and computer game boxes on the tables, as well as a crowd of rapidly chattering people with nimble and well-developed fingers.

Hope to see you all there!

Mick Gordon
Social Director
Greater Brisbane IGDA