Searching for Sumea volunteers


There are tonnes of things that I'd like to see on Sumea which I would love to do but I'd seriously have less of a life than I already do. I'd love to have volunteers for:

1. Interviewers - to do a small amount of research on the interviewee, and send some appropriate and interesting questions for them to answer..

2. Reviewers - Not your typical game reviews like on common game websites. I'd love to give independant game developer products more exposure, so reviews of their games would be *awesome* here.

We definately need more content on local developers for Sumea, and we're just the place to be hosting that kind of stuff, so if you're interested, give me a yell please!

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I am all up for interviews *reminds me to get the sony one to you* :) I already have some ideas for some interviews!

One idea I had was trying to get in contact with some of the local female dev's and start a women in games interview series (I could get quite a few overseas ones like Sheri Ray etc as well)

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I would love to help anyway I can.

I have to admit that I would be more interested with the reviewing side of things, but I will give anything a go.

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I am keen to help out where I can, it's hard enough trying to get interviews for myself at the moment so maybe I can write a review or 2 for you, is there anything you had in mind?

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id be happy to help out

i used to be news editor for australias no. 1 gaming site gamebiz (i think the owner, rob has posted here a few times), ive interviewed people before (like the PR Manager of Nintendo Australia some time mid last year...) and written a few game reviews :) oh and done plenty of news ofcourse :P

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id be very happy to help if I can fit it in with my busy Uni schedule...maybe I could get some info on local Tassie indy developers...and get theire slack asses to join Sumea...[:D]

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Well, you're free to start thinking on who you would like to interview. If you like, you can post a thread for others to contribute some questions to your list (I'm sure I can add a few in to top up your list).

I know of some local female devs, so yeh, I can see if they'd be interested in something like that!