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Augmented Games

Posted by lukeo25 on Mon, 04/08/03 - 8:23 PM

I am interested in developing for Augmented reality. I understand there are only a few trialing this area but I was hoping to get an Idea of who has been successful.

Cheers all,
from Luke

Submitted by TheBigJ on Thu, 15/04/04 - 12:04 AM Permalink

You could do it with engergy based melee weapons such as a lightsaber. One of those would cut through anything with virtually zero resistance... except of course for the blade of another lightsaber.

Alternatively you could add a rumble-pack type thing to a melee weapon, but thats really pretty lame. Blunt weapons which would need to bounce back wouldn't work at all.

Submitted by Jigen on Thu, 15/04/04 - 1:05 AM Permalink

There is the option of padded bats and other objects for melee, add a few sfx of chunky flesh ripping gore and there you go. The only thing I can't quite work out is anything smaller then a knife or something that uses stabbing motions like a knife any ideas.

Submitted by TheBigJ on Thu, 15/04/04 - 1:27 AM Permalink

Padded weapons would only work against other humans so that they're colliding and bouncing in reality. You can't fight an agent with one because it'll pass through the space he's occupying without any resistance.

There's really no feasible way around this problem, unless you build some robots to mimic the AR agents, but then of course we may as well throw away the AR altogether..

Submitted by Johnn on Thu, 15/04/04 - 8:45 AM Permalink

I've only had time to skim read today, so excuse if i am off topic or repeating info: Related Topic> 'Blast Theory' are a group who have created virtual/real interaction with a sort of real/online game of tag. they did this at Adelaide for the Fringe festival too. Link to more info below

Submitted by Jigen on Thu, 15/04/04 - 8:46 AM Permalink

I was thinking in the sense of human vs human. One side could be the aliens and one side could be the marines. Human vs Human would be the way to go anyway. Much easier to do and Much more fun. I would rather go against a Human than a Computer any day.

Submitted by Jigen on Sun, 18/04/04 - 9:23 PM Permalink

Not really. I just prefer fighting human. Because the range of possibilities is increased by playing a human no matter how much effort you put into an A.I they cannot become human. They can come close but not all the way.

Submitted by Kalescent on Mon, 19/04/04 - 3:44 AM Permalink

i hope you mean in a mental sense ;) id go as far to say that in some situations ai can teach us a few moves.

but whether or not the range of possibilitys is more or less depends on the players skill level vs the coders intuition into the human psyche... no ?

i mean a complete newb to a game, will probably be a pretty crappy target - and more than likely make the same mistakes for a while - vs the ai which will probably & hopefully be a bit smarter ?
and both can learn - the machines alot quicker.

i myself prefer playing against ai in a few genres ( not all admittedly ) - cos if you beat it, it feels like more of an achievement - you can sit back and feel like youve pulled off that insane kill and defeated the coders NIGHTMARE ai setting. especially in strategy games i think - when you foil an ai's plan of deviously sneaking up the rear & ambushing or similar.

Submitted by Jigen on Mon, 19/04/04 - 5:18 AM Permalink

well maybe the solution is a mixture of the two. I don't know maybe human players with a tactics computer that suggests moves.With a difficulty settering sorta like a handicap in golf. That way the new players will have an added advantage while extreme players can go against a computer. Both your problems solved. Then we get to my side of things were its still human vs human and when people get better at it they can just turn of the tactics computer.

Submitted by Kalescent on Mon, 19/04/04 - 10:14 AM Permalink

an interesting idea..... i think you should write one of those out man ;)

Submitted by Jigen on Wed, 21/04/04 - 2:40 AM Permalink

I have a look at it but I.m kinda swamped in other ideas. Its a interesting idea and would love to hear the others opinions on the matter and I still havn't worked out the knife.

Submitted by MrEeMan on Fri, 08/08/08 - 4:07 PM Permalink

My experience with AR is that tts a good research project, but there are far too many problems for commercial development.

The main problems consist of errors in the tracking causing the environment to jump around, the bulkiness of the equipment and the risk of vertigo from using it for too long (though that only affects some people).

To qualify my experience, I have a colleague at UniSA doing research on the AR system.

The End.