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3d animation and compositing courses

I'm in year 12 atm, and wandering wether to go to tafe or uni(or something like SAE/FTI), but I'm not too sure what courses are best for 3d and compositing. Anyone know if theres a course(in Perth area) that is JUST on 3d and compositing(but mainly 3d), I've seen courses that are mainly a mix of stuff that just touch on 3d. I don;t want to do a course that is all over the place(like web design and other graphic thingies)

Submitted by Me109 on Thu, 05/08/04 - 7:58 PM Permalink

I know QUT will have a brand new animation course up and running for next year... (thats brisbane thou) and it'll cover everything in maya.. modelling animating and integration (compositing). It looks really good on paper..


Submitted by Zamo78 on Mon, 30/08/04 - 11:52 PM Permalink

Ive been there.

Im not going to recommend it to anyone.

Their staff isnt the best and arent very helpful.

The recieptionist's have got to be one of the worst ive seen.

The facilitys are way below average.

The staff take their time in getting back to you no matter if its important or not.

But thats sydney not sure bout anywhere else.

Submitted by toiletfreak on Tue, 07/09/04 - 9:06 PM Permalink

rly? I'm gona give it a go neway, maybe perth is better? who knows, and what kinda facilitys did they have btw? Do yu think if yu graduated yu'll have enough to take yu into the 3d industry cause they also offer a bachelors degree in their byron bay campus

Submitted by 3MMAI on Tue, 07/09/04 - 9:40 PM Permalink

i'm currently trying to choose between AIE and SAE... there is an SAE in Milton, Brisvegas, which is close... but no AIE [:(]
i must admit from what i have heard i am leaning towards the AIE course.