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Free Play IGDC 2

Hi Sumeans,

So you can put it in your diaries we (Next Wave) have tentatively set down the dates of Fri 15, Sat 16 and Sun 17 July 2005 for this year's Free Play conference. All going to plan, it will take place in Melbourne at the Australian Centre for The Moving Image at Federation Square (no more complaints about how rough the venue is!). Suggestions for how we should go about it, what we should include, who we should bring out, etc are welcome and taken seriously and it would be great if people want to make some suggestions in this thread.

No one should be booking tickets to Melbourne or anything until i finish raising the money (a bit of a challenge, but looking do-able) but if your thinking about getting married or anything you might want to move it to another weekend to be on the safe side! Assuming we get some money, I will be back soon with a shout out for help and people who want to be involved in it all.


Submitted by lorien on Thu, 28/07/05 - 12:11 AM Permalink

Fair enough Cynical. My point about the art focus of freeplay is mostly "maybe we should see what this turns into".

Submitted by irous on Wed, 28/09/05 - 11:07 PM Permalink

Hye, I just found out that the transcript for "How To Use And Abuse The Gaming Press And How The Gaming Press Wants To Use and Abuse You" from Freeplay speaker Kieron Gillen is up on his blog. I was there to attend that speak and it was pretty interesting.