Final Projects

You can download the final student projects for '31002 Game Design' and '31004 Game Programming' from and These subjects are part of the Computer Graphics submajor, offered by the Faculty of IT at UTS.

Please remember that 1) these projects are only one of the 3 assignments for the subject, 2) most of the students were working by themselves, and 3) most students do 4 subjects a semester (14 weeks) and work at the same time, so these projects are not meant to be as polished as some of the AIE/QANTM projects produced by teams of 5-15.

Some of the projects also include source code, live, learn, share...


souri's picture

I checked out some of the games..

REALM by Christian Lee looks like a fantastic idea - not so much a game as such, but I think being able to make your own pixel art and putting it in there would be really cool. Unfortunately, the program crashed a lot for me [:(]

Big Brother: Chrono Trigger style
by Jordan Wulff, Pietro Vecellio Segate and Bhavesh Patel
The idea is great, it has the potentential be something like The Little Computer people/Sims.. I could walk through some tables and chairs though [:)] doesn't work, btw..

It's interesting that they're using GameMaker. I've been checking it out for quite a while, and it's really one fantastic program.

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Yeah souri, thats a damn good program. I made a hit the blocks with a ball so that they go away with levels, in just about a afternoon.

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It's a shame to (once again) see game-play lose out to 3D.

Looking at the work completed in the 3102 round-up the games and gameplay are more diverse and the game designs/concepts more mature (w.r.t development) and imaginative than the 3104 group (who all seem to have spent all their time worrying about lighting, effects, and 3D geometry so that they all ended up with more or less the sane thing... a 3D maze).

This is an epidemic!