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UTS: Master of Animation

Posted by yusuf on Sun, 05/12/04 - 8:21 PM

UTS is offering a new course starting in 2005,Master of Animation: [url][/url]

It is a 1.5 year course put together by 3 different faculties. Students will be able to see the different perspectives and approaches that people from different disciplines bring to Animation.

I teach the Game Design, [url][/url], subject which is part of the course and the Game Programming, [url][/url], subject which is not part of this course.


-- from the web page --

The Master of Animation is a unique cross-faculty course delivered jointly by the Faculties of Design, Architecture and Building; Humanities and Social Sciences; and Information Technology. It combines the disciplinary strengths of the three faculties in the teaching of animation.

The Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty offers traditional animation technologies and practices in which students can shoot on film using an Oxberry animation stand or produce stop-motion, claymation or model films.
The Design, Architecture and Building Faculty runs subjects that utilise the Maya 3d animation software and 2D Flash software and is concerned with the many design applications of animation from titles to television graphics to music videos and dynamic web sites.

In the Information Technology Faculty the creation of software for video games and programming is given attention.