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Transformers Armada in US Official Playstation Mag

Posted by Zaph on Sun, 06/07/03 - 3:04 AM

The August 03 issue of Official Playstation Magazine (USA) has a two page preview of Transformers Armada (Atari Melbourne House) along with some new screenshots. Nice to see Aussie made games getting more and more coverage in the USA these days!

Submitted by Blitz on Sun, 06/07/03 - 7:58 AM Permalink

Aussie games will get coverage if they are worth playing :)
Good work melb. house, good to see you working on something other than a racing game :)
But you better do the transformers justice or there will be hell to pay!!!
CYer, Blitz

Submitted by Gazunta on Mon, 07/07/03 - 11:16 PM Permalink

Sniff...and no mention of the Ty 2 Developer Diary in this month's Official Australian Xbox Magazine?

Submitted by Blitz on Tue, 08/07/03 - 7:38 AM Permalink

I saw that, at first glance it looked like an advertisement, but after closer inspection i realised it was actually an article...
It seems they're going to have it in every month? Pretty cool stuff.
CYer, Blitz