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Sydney GameJam at AFTRS - Sat 10th October 09

Posted by infin8eye on Tue, 06/10/09 - 9:57 AM

Hey guys,
this Saturday AFTRS are holding a GameJam event:

As part of this the morning is made up of a series of open talks, about 10mins long, for anyone to get involved. Now, on behalf of the Sydney IGDA, I am looking to encourage people in Sydney interested in games to come along and take part. In particular anyone that could give a short 10min talk on game design, styles of gaming, gameplay, favourite games, game history, different platforms etc. It is quite small and casual, so don't be afraid. We need you to be brave and talk about something you are passionate about. Games!

To register for a time slot, according to the above link, you need to email:
You need to register so they know how many they will have on the day.

I will be giving one, although I get stage fright and have yet to decide exactly what I will rant about.
If I can do it...'s only 10mins... I can do it... I'm sure I can...
...then you can too.

Get in touch if you want to discuss it further.

Kind Regards,
Chris Lee
Mobile: 0410155111