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Electronic Animation at the AIE

Posted by tbag on Sun, 07/03/04 - 4:47 AM

Hi everyone!

Just wondering if anyone has any advice on the Electronic Animation course at the AIE (I think it mainly targets 2D animation)?

Im considering looking into as it has no fees and no requirements to get into the course (According to the CIT '04 book anyway.). I've only just started Year 10 and its a field im interested in and most courses at the CIT/AIE require a Year 10 certificate or Year 12 certificate but this one does not according to my '04 CIT booklet.

So does anyone have any information on the course or experience with it?



Submitted by Jacana on Sun, 07/03/04 - 8:23 PM Permalink

First off I would say get your year 12 certificate. If nothing else these sorts of things show you are willing to get something done. Besides in a field with people who have full on art degrees etc you need to make sure you look the best you can (even if you are talented).

I am not sure what you mean by no fees. I know that AIE isn't giving away free courses :)

Submitted by tbag on Sun, 07/03/04 - 8:41 PM Permalink

Yeah i know what you mean about AIE not giving away free courses. Its kind of strange really in a way i swear they made an error in the CIT 04' book, i highly doubt that they would have no requirement either... im sure they wouldnt accept anything below Year 11...

Anyhow thanks for the advice, looks like i'll have to teach myself Animation like i taught myself VB and PHP (I cheated for PHP because i bought two books [:p]. Anyone know a good animation program that has a 30 day trial or is free? I was thinking maybe Adobe After Effects but of course i dont have $1000 or more on hand just for the standard edition... so anyone know any good freebies or cheapies that are good, or someone willing to donate [:p].

Submitted by Sorceror Bob on Sun, 07/03/04 - 9:59 PM Permalink

macromedia flash has a 30 day trial i believe.. well it used to 'back in the day' (nearly 5 years ago)..

It was a great tool at the time, it taught me the basics of keyframe animation - which is pretty much the most important thing to learn in regards to animation. We learnt it in college, but for the most part our teachers were tutorial monkeys.. Ask them anything that didn't come in the first 5 tutorials, and they were pretty clueless.. As I recall, the helpfiles were very helpful and easy to learn from.

The other thing that was helpful in learning how to animate was my year 10 maths class. Those huge text-books they give you at the start of each year are awesome for flipbooks.. I'm pretty crap at maths, though.

I don't know how choosey the AIE is either.. I think if you have money for the course, you should be pretty safe.

Submitted by tbag on Sun, 07/03/04 - 10:10 PM Permalink

Wow! Its like a legend that keeps going on! It seems every year those big text books get converted to a successful small animation [:p], everyone does it too. Im kind of annoyed though, the new text books for next year are equipped with interactive CD's that are probably very helpful!

Dont worry Bob im the worst when it comes to Maths (I generally get a 65% average [:p]) but atleast you can do 3D models (Which requires a fair bit of maths i would think), im still confused a bit about the X,Y and Z axis in 3DS Max even with the two books i got for it from a very special member on Sumea [:)].

As for the AIE... i'll try contacting about the course and then see if my school would enable me to take one day a week off school too study their (Hey they let some students do courses at CIT on school days!).


Submitted by Sorceror Bob on Sun, 07/03/04 - 11:44 PM Permalink

haha you don't need any maths for modelling, at least, I've never needed any.
The people that made max are dumbasses as well.. The z axis isn't up!!!

As for the text books, they really need to convert that shit onto computers.. So much paper wasted by stupid kids (I was one of them) when, if it was done on computer by cd, no wasteage is done.

Submitted by tbag on Mon, 08/03/04 - 12:29 AM Permalink

I think the interactive CD's have all the stuff in the books on the CD. The book is just there for when the students are in class or dont have access to a computer.

Submitted by unknownuser1 on Mon, 08/03/04 - 2:31 AM Permalink

Ignore the CIT handbook aboutanything AIE related. They don't know dick. When I found out about the AIE in high school (from a PC Powerplay Issue), I had a look in the CIT booklet about what pre-recs I needed. They said that you needed to have a major in both Maths and English. College time rolled around and I studied those courses. Hated them, did pretty damn bad, and then found out that you don't need any pre-recs :/ There are people who have gone there who don't know very much about art, and there are those who had very little knowledge of comps as well. There was one guy who had never used a comp before in his life. He learnt very quickly :)

If you are aiming for Electronic 2D Animation, then don't worry too much about learning any apps. Bob said that maths book and the such are great for animation, and he is right. Learning a program isn't that hard. It just takes time. The most difficult part is learning the rules of animation. It doesn't matter if you practice on paper, 2D or 3D. As long as you have a good understanding of motion and weight, you should be pretty much right.

Good luck with whatever it is you wish to study. Just keep on practicing :)

Submitted by codyalday on Tue, 09/03/04 - 11:32 AM Permalink

Just wondering tbag, you in Melbourne, as i have the Maths book with the C.D too.?