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Calling all game Developers

Re-posted from the DLF:

Calling all Game Developers (Artists and Programmers), Perth

If you want to work as a game developer (artist or programmer) in Perth, you need to read this message. If you know anyone else who might be interested, please forward this message to them.

Perth is currently contending with other locations to secure a large-scale game development project. A significant number of jobs will be on offer if the company sets up its studio here. The project is likely to run for several years, starting in 3 months' time.

SIGGRAPH Perth has been asked to demonstrate that there is enough talent in Perth (or willing to relocate) to justify doing the development here. A large number of positions will be available, but only if we attract enough interest from developers. So get everyone you know involved. Every participant increases our chances of winning the project.

We don't want to know your name or any of your contact details, we just want to see how much talent is out there.

To help us win the project, register a username in the SIGGRAPH Perth online community if you haven't already got one. It's free and the instructions are here. Once you receive email confirming you've been approved for posting, submit a brief reply to this message. Your reply should indicate how much experience you have in the following areas:

C++ programming
Windows programming
DirectX programming
OpenGL programming

3D modelling packages (how many years, which ones)
Character animation
Model rigging
Storyboard art
Hand-drawn animation
Background art

If you have experience in at least one of these we'd like you to reply. Your experience can be either industry based or as part of a course. Here's an example:

C++ programming: 3 years
OpenGL programming: 1 year
Houdini: 0.5 years
3D Studio Max: 1 year

Or if you're a student, perhaps you're more like this:

Softimage XSI: 0.5 years

Please don't post chat, or questions, just the facts. If you want to discuss this with other SIGGRAPH Perth members or the organisers, we've set up another thread in the discussion section of the online community.

As soon as we have more information about the project's status, we'll announce it on the SIGGRAPH Perth email list.

SIGGRAPH Perth will not share your registration information with anyone else. You can choose which information you'd like to make public in the online community when you register.