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TQ Digital Entertainment seeking Biz partner

Posted by benjamin on Wed, 08/02/06 - 1:36 AM

TQ Digital Entertainment seeking overseas partners -- 2006-01-12
TQ Digital Entertainment was founded in 1999 and headquartered in Fuzhou, China. Basing on its leading-edge technology and more than 500 top-notch developers, TQ Digital Entertainment has become one of the leading online game publishers in China, boasting 10 online games and more than 100 casual games as well as advanced 2D and 3D game engines with independent intellectual property rights. The online games developed and published by the company include Monster and Me, Conquer Online, Zero Online, Era of Faith, Realm of Chaos, Farm Online, all of which are characterized by lively, beautiful graphics, attractive storyline and reasonable prices. Meanwhile, the company also develops more than one hundred kinds of surprisingly excellent casual games. Most of TQ Digital Entertainment??s online games are multi-lingual and have been published globally. Those online games are very popular with the players in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South-east Asia, America, Japan and some European countries. In 2005, TQ Digital Entertainment was awarded "Ten Best Game Developers of 2004" and "Chinese Games Overseas Expansion Award of 2004" by the Chinese government.

With the rapid development of the company??s business, TQ Digital Entertainment is currently seeking business partners in
Australia and New Zealand to operate or co-operate the MMORPGs . More information about TQ Digital Entertainment and its in-house developed games is available at request. For business development or partnership opportunities, please don??t hesitate to contact us.