SA Adelaide- to carpool to melbourne for the IGDC?

if anyone in adelaide is driving to melbourn for the IGDC and would like to share the cost of the petrol and have company or whatever im looking for a cheaper alternative to flight or train, plus meeting new people is great fun[:)].

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You might want to email/message Maitrek on the forums here. I believe that he's going to the conference and I know he's from SA.

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If I was going there'd be no way I'd drive to Melbourne again. I don't want to give those Victorian cops the satisfaction of giving me another speeding ticket in the middle of nowhere. =]

Maitrek's picture with no stereo + *loud* exhaust for 8-9 hours???...there's room left, but we also need to make a detour on the way back. Aside from that I guess it's available. You get back seat though :P

Leaving thursday midday? leaving sunday arvo (be back in adelaide around 1-2 am?)

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sounds good to me